Ooooh, We're Getting Famous!

Hello Fur-friends!
We got an e-mail this morning, telling us that we're officially members of the
Pet Blog Network now!
How exciting!
There are waaay more woofers than kitties listed on the Pet Blog Network, so if you're a kitty with a blog, go sign up today! We can't let woofers out-number us more purr-fect pets, now can we?
Meow for now ~ Daphne & Chloe

Mo and The Purries


  1. Daphne, don't fur-get me when you get famous!

  2. oooooh - that's so cool! we saw the form fur submitting a blog, but is it fur submitting yurself or reck-o-mending sumbuddy else? we wanna be fame-us too!

  3. Merlin: just like you didn't furr-get me when you were Cat O The Day, I'll never forget you, my honey-paws!

    grr, midnight, & cocoa: I submitted my own blog. it took about 48 hrs to get a response, but they did a great job editing/posting the picture for the blog button. I'm very pleased with it!

    Meow for now ~ Daphne

  4. Way Cool! It's nice to meet ya! We learned about you fom Merlin - comeby and visit us sometime - we'll add you to our blog!

  5. Anonymous2:34 PM

    I'm trying to talk my human into giving me a blog, but she hasn't yet. Maybe I can wear her down eventually. I hope she doesn't make me share with the other two cats!

  6. Nice to see you've joined us at the Pet Blog Network. We need to promote our feline species in positive ways every chance we get. We just can't allow canines to overtake us!

  7. I'm on the list, now, too! Didn't take furry long at all.

    Now we can be famous together...


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