Stare Glare

Hello Fur-friends!

Senor Gato has asked me about The Stare Glare Game - if I like to participate, and if I win.

Well, to be honest, I am not a big starer-glarer.
I can try sometimes, but I always get distracted by something else in the room then have to go bounce off and investigate. Figuring out mysterious noises and movements is much more interesting to me than the Stare Glare Game.

Auntie Spooker, on the other hand, will stare you down with her laser-beam death glare and wait for you to be the first one to blink. She's very good at this game, and is the clear winner in our house.

Chloe likes to play, but she's so goofy, she rolls her head and blinks, so she's not very good at holding the stare.

Not The Mama is good at this game, and he can hold-out longer than Chloe every time --- but even he is no match for Auntie Spooker's glaring stare. She can sit for hours on end, it seems, and stare at you, un-blinking, until you give up with watery eyes.

What kind of a Stare Glare gamer are you? A hold the stare winner, or a blinker?

If you have any questions for me, just Ask Daphne!

Meow for now ~ Daphne

Mo and The Purries


  1. I like to give 'em the wide eyed horrified "WHAT are you doing?" look (usually when they're trying to pet me or bother me). They always back down furrst.

  2. Nobody is a better stare down the barrel girl than me, I a;ways back down my brofurs and sisfurs!


  3. señorgato6:30 PM

    I want to play wit Chloe! Please!


  4. I like this game cause I always win. heres my method-

    I gets on my moms chest, usually round bed time or cuddle times, then I start starring. And if she's smart that day she starts starring too, right back in my eyes. then, I let her think she might win by holding the stare a bit and as soon as she thinks she's about to win, I pounce on her face!

  5. I like to stare, but I augment my stares with very urgent meows and bark meows. Mom starts laughing, and I win!!!

  6. Oh I'm definitely a hold the winner and I dare you to try and outstare me!

  7. Well, if I had to name a stare contest winner from our family, it'd probably be Tipper. I prefer to close my eyes and nap, Misty is just too young being interested in running all over and Max is usually looking outside. So I guess Tipper is the staringest cat here.



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