Hidey Hole

Well, Jazper spent most of his first day at The Wren's Nest sleeping off his jet lag.
After some serious luvvin' & stinky goodness in the morning, he found a hidey hole bed under the Christmas Tree table, and he slept for SIX HOURS!
I finally woke him up when the store closed, so he could have dinner & some luv.

This morning, he was happy to see me -- and his new batch of stinky goodness!

I'd stopped at the drug store on my way in this morning, and bought a brush -- he certainly is shedding lots for a short haired cat! But he LOVES to be brushed, thank goodness!

We've had some good bonding today, and he's actually gone out to meet two customers.
A woman from England said, "What a nice big pussy!" to us, and she was the first customer to pet him -- he quickly started the purr motor going for her!

Now, he's back in his hidey hole for another nap! Which is good, because I need to go to Doctors Foster & Smith and do an order for some supplies!

When Bessie stops in later, I'll try to have her take a picture of Jazper in his favorite location -- in my arms -- which, obviously, I can't get a picture of myself! Right now, he'd rather be held than have his picture taken, so we'll all just have to have patience for some good pics!

Mo and The Purries


  1. Sounds like Jazper is settling in quite nicely! I wish I could go to work with Meowm!

  2. our Lady's crackin' up 'bout the woman frum England. yay Jazper, you big purry cuddler! we're lookin' forward ta more picshures.

    psst - Daphne, it's furry sweet of you ta loan Jazper yur bloggie fur a while!

  3. Oh my goodness, he looks cozy. I shed a lot too, mommy says.

    Mommy also says that lady from England would have made her laugh and laugh!

  4. It sounds like Jazper really has his new forever home. Jet lag sucks- sleep a lot, kittie!

  5. this cat must be one of the most lovable cats in the world!

  6. Jean Paul4:37 PM

    Jazper is so cute! I kije him look!


  7. Now there's a shopcat if ever there was one. I would have been hiding with all the strangers.

  8. Hey! Less of the laughing at the lovely lady from England! But good for Jazper!

    Fat Eric (patriotic English kitty)

  9. o, Jazper, u haf a wonnerful new home. that's gonna be 'citing being a shop cat.


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