Just the Thirty-Two

This morning, I had a cat on top of me in bed, not wanting me to get up.
On my way from the bedroom to the bathroom, a second cat attacked my ankles.
No sooner did I sit onto the human-bean litter box than a third cat was rubbing its chin on me and sticking its tail where it didn't belong...
How do people with more than three cats ever have a moment of privacy?

Multiple cat stories always remind me of Renata VonTrapp.

French & Saunders
, that British dynamic duo, take on the Opera in one of their skits.
Jennifer Saunders plays Renata VonTrapp, and when the real Opera Diva comes in bragging about her world-wide tour, Renata says she has decided to devote more time to her family, "Staying at home with the little darlings."
Diva asks, "So, how many cats do you have now, Renata?"
Renata sheepishly replies, "Just the thirty-two."

That's become a joke among Lee & me since Daphne & Chloe joined our family.
"Just the thirty-two."
Even though we have only 3 cats, sometimes it seems like we have a house full.
"Just the thirty-two."

While I couldn't find a clip of Renata & the diva talking, here is the song they get to sing. For those of you unfamiliar with French & Saunders, Renata VonTrapp is the blonde in the middle (Dawn French's Lucia Poop is on the left).

Hope you enjoyed the video. Recognize the song?

So, for a bit of a game show, in which order did I encounter my "just the three" cats this morning?
Which one didn't want me to get out of bed?
Which was the ankle attack artist?
And which one didn't want me to pee alone?

The first commenter to guess correctly will win a BRAND NEW CAR*

*Okay, so no actual prize is being offered. Not The Mama is being a smart ass.

Mo and The Purries


  1. Lets see...
    Spooker didn't want you to get out of bed,
    Daphne attacked your ankles,
    and Chloe wanted to go with~

  2. Sorry, Christine.
    You got 1 out of 3 right.
    Try again?

  3. I always follow Meowm into the human litter box. Sometimes my tail gets in her way and she swats at it.

    I am gonna say Daphne attacked your ankles, Chloe didn't want you to get out of bed and Spooker wandered into the litter box room with you.

  4. Junior: YES! You're exactly right!
    Wow, you're a great fan of this site to guess correctly the very first time.
    I thought I'd have thrown people off since it's ususally Daphne that is the one on top of me first thing in the morning (my fuzzy alarm clock). But then again, she's the one who's motto is "no one pees alone in MY house".
    But yes, Chloe was NOT happy this morning that her warm perch (that would be me) had to get up. Then on my stagger to the bathroom, Daphne leapt out from under the chair and attacked my ankles, wrapping her front paws around my right ankle. She ran off when I reached down to pet her, wanting to play more than get affection. And then it was Spooker in the potty room with her tail getting in the way of my business...
    Junior -- you rock.
    Sorry about not having a BRAND NEW CAR to give to your Meowm, but who do I look like, Oprah????

    Thanks for playing!
    And everyone else can still leave us comments today, too!

    ~Not The Mama

  5. Wow, Junior has impressed me! I was sure it would be sedate, lazier Spooker that would decide you shouldn't get out of bed!

  6. darn. we got here too late ta play :(

    we expect that soon you'll have 4 kitties...

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  8. The answer to the question "How do people with more than three cats ever have a moment of privacy?" is, you don't! Get used to it.



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