Settling In

This morning, Jazper is much more settled in, and has personally gone to greet everyone who's come into the store. He seems to have taken to his role of Goodwill Ambassador.
He really hit it off well with BobbyJo, the lady who makes our Christmas Wreaths and Cardinal Ornaments.
Since he loves to be held, and to show his affection while being held by kneading my tummy (and various other parts) -- we ordered some Soft Paws this morning online. (
Merlin uses them and recommends them, so we're going to give 'em a try. Since Jazper has 8" steel reinforced claws o'death, I think this is a good option. These claws served him well, I'm sure, when he was an alley cat, but now for the sake of my tender skin, I'm going to see how he adapts to the Soft Paws. (We ordered them in red for Christmas, and grey for all-around wear).
The Soft Paws were cheaper, with a wider range of colors & sizes, than at Dr. Fosters & Smith -- where we ordered the rest of his "care package" yesterday. And we got an e-mail from Dr. Fosters & Smith that his package has already shipped out!
Lee gave me an old, comfy towel to bring in today, so his hidey hole is now lined with plush terry cloth. He's up there right now, napping with a tummy full of stinky goodness and after a thorough brushing!
Well, I need to take advantage of his nap and get some actual work (!) done here at work!
See ya later,
Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. Jazper looks and sounds like a real good kitty! I hope he likes his softpaws! My mommy ordered me some red ones today, too!!! And some green/red ones. Mommy says don't forget the claw clippers.

  2. I have steel reinforced claws o' death also. You should see the Lady's arms and legs. It's not a pretty sight. She's been meaning to get some Soft Paws for Cocoa too, because he scratches himself too much and also because he likes to affectionately paw the Lady's face, but forgets to keep his claws in. She's just gonna leave Grr alone. Grr'd hafta be sedated to put those things on her.

    Hi purry Jazper! Glad you're doing so well in your new home. We're furry impressed that you've even got a job - way to go!

  3. Hi Jazper!

    What a gorgeous kitty yu R!
    I can see why yu have taken efurryone's heart. It is so gud that yur story had such a wondeful boo-tee-full ending, and efurryone gets to live happily efur after!

  4. It sounds like Jazper is HOME. My Mim and Dad have to clip our claws regularly since we keep them them so sharp and pretty.

  5. We didn't shop enough. We only gots ours at Foster Smith and softpaws has way more colors! I could have gotten a combo pack. We were debating between red and purple!


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