Thursday Thirteen #8

Today's Thursday Thirteen has been hi-jacked by Not The Mama.

Sorry, Daphne, since I'm the one with opposable thumbs and the laptop,
you can just take a nap in the sun this week....

Okay, so I've had a bout of depression the past few days...
Here are 13 Things that might make Morgen happy:

1. World Peace. Hey, a guy can dream, can't I? If cats had their way, this would be a reality.

2. A day home alone with Daphne & Chloe & Spooker, curled up on the couch watching old movies. I'm thinking Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and To Catch A Thief and What's Up, Doc?

3. Oprah as President. I know, I'm a much bigger Rosie O'Donnell fan, but I think Oprah would ROCK as President --- she'd bring our troops home AND give them all a BRAND NEW CAR for serving overseas!

4. For my business to be a success. Frankly, I am hanging on by the skin of my teeth.

5. For all my out-standing debt to be paid off (see #4).

6. To have my NaNoWriMo novel finished. One of my dreams in life was to have a novel written by the time I turned 40. That's not too far off. This is my last chance...

7. To have my NaNoWriMo novel published. Throw in a spot on the Fiction Best Sellers list and a trip to The View to hawk my book while you're at it, okay?

8. For Lee to be happy. (again, see #4 and also #5)

9. For Lee to tell me that he loves me.

10. For restaurants that deliver lunch to get my order correct. Ya know, when I ask for NO LETTUCE on my sandwich, I don't want lettuce on my sandwich! But hell, yesterday I would've been happy if they'd just shown up at all so I didn't get all grumpypants.

11. An end to SPAM. The unwanted comments & e-mails, not the luncheon meat.

12. For the abandoned kitties in Rhode Island to find a Forever Home and be loved.

13. For all homeless kitties out there to find a Forever Home. Amen.

Don't fret, fur-friends, I'm sure Daphne enjoyed her nap in the sun.
Thursday 13 with Daphne will return next week! ~ Not The Mama

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Mo and The Purries


  1. I think that was a great thirteen!

  2. I don't blame you for taking over sometimes...

    Very nice list!

  3. Good list!

    Hee at the BRAND NEW CAR!

    (Sadie's Sister)

  4. Great tt. ((hugs)) I hope your business becomes a huge success.

  5. Your list killed me. #9 made me want to cry.

  6. Awww.
    #9 made me want to cry too.
    I hope all thirteen of these things work out exactly the way you want them to. You deserve to be happy, dammit! :/

  7. I like your list--very sincere. I'm glad you specified the SPAM thing, though. I was about ready to jump to the defense of the lunch meat.


    Yes, good thing you clarified.

    Thanks for stopping by my TT! I liked your list!

  8. What great wishes.

  9. Hello Not The Mama! Those are all excellent wishes, and I hope they all come true. You could also try adding Arsenic and Old Lace to the movie list - that one always makes me giggle.

    It was really nice to talk to you yesterday, and thank you for wanting to help the kitties! After further inspection, Danielle believes the tiger kitty is probably really a boy, but she can't tell on the extra fluffy black and white one (the fluff is covering the evidence). She's thinking of taking the kitty to a vet to find out. More info soon - have a great day!

  10. Oops! You may have figured this out already, but I'm Grr, Midnight & Cocoa's servant. Sorry - I forgot to identify myself and you don't know me by my picture. I should have used their sign in.

  11. That is a great list. And I LOVE To Catch A Thief!

    I hope the kitties find a forever home. I am a huge softy for animals that need me. There for awhile, I was taking in everyone. When my husband realized we had two cats, two greyhounds and two kids, he said no more! :-P


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