TT#10: The Thanksgiving Edition

Hello my friends!
I hope we don't get kicked outta the Official Thursday 13 club for posting a day early, but Not The Mama & I won't be on the 'puter tomorrow 'cuz of the holiday, so here we go with an early edition of TT. (Don't worry, we'll be back on our regular naptime schedule -- er, I mean blogging schedule -- on Friday!). This is Chloe & mine's first Thanksgiving, and we's gots lots to be Thankful for this year!
Meow for now ~ Daphne

13 Things Daphne is Thankful For

1. A warm, loving Forever Home for me & Chloe with Not The Mama.

2. Having Chloe with me. Sisters are the best snugglers and co-horts in crime.

3. Sunshine, beautiful sunshine.

4. That Mommy Mari found a great person like Kathleen, who brought us into the world and shared us with Not The Mama & Lee

5. Iams Kitten Food. It makes my coat luscious and softy-shiny.

6. Clean water, every morning.

7. Laptime naptime. Is there anything better?

8. Getting brushed, even though my short softy-shiny coat doesn't really need brushing yet -- I just love for Not The Mama to brush me with his human-bean hair brush in the mornings! It makes me purr really loud!

9. When Not The Mama leaves me a bit of lickable goodness in his dinner plate. Lee says "NO!" but Not The Mama lets me get in some good licks sometimes.
My favorites so far: macaroni & cheese sauce, and that salty gravy from the mashed potatoes!

10. Fev-ver butt rattle mice: they rock!

11. A good chin scratch. Almost as good as a nap!

12. Windows, window-ledges, and curtains. For insided kitties like me, windows are like cat-TV. The top 2 windows in our home are the sliding glass doors in the dining room -- the bird feeders are on the deck there, and the window in Lee's dressing room -- he keeps the curtains open so sunshine comes in and I can wait and watch for Not The Mama to come home from work on this window ledge. I love playing peek-a-boo with Not The Mama from behind the curtains, and I give him extra head-buts when we get silly with this game! The phrase, "Pay No Attention to that kitty behind the curtain!" Certainly does NOT apply to me!

13. Not The Mama's days OFF from work --
then he can spend more time with Me & Chloe!

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Hope everyone gets lots & lots of turkey!
~ Meow for now ~ Daphne

Mo and The Purries


  1. Those are all WONDERFUL reasons to be thankful! Good job!

  2. Thanks, Junior! I hope you & your Meowm have a safe & Happy Thanksgiving!

    Morgen (and Daphne & Chloe, too!)

  3. those are all furry good things (an most 'specially the rattly fev-ver butt mousies!). have lotsa fun wif yur people an hope ya get sum gravy ta lick. (hey - how come we neffur haf gravy at our house?) our Lady has the day off werk tomorrow an ya know whut she's plannin' ta do? here's her list: clean the bafrooms, clean the patio, use the horrybull rug sucking monster, sort stuff fur throwin' away. where's CUDDLE THE KITTIES? shouldn't that be on top of the list? we're gonna snag her list an rite it in. all this "gettin' stuff dun" is a load of (sorry - werd deleted. we're not 'lowed ta say it)

  4. grr, midnight & cocoa: that list is a load of werd deleted! snuggles & cuddles should be at the very top of the holiday list!!!
    happy turkey day to y'all!

    Morgen, Daphne & Chloe

  5. That's a wonderful TT Daphne.

  6. My kitties can dig it!

    Mine's up too :)

  7. (Running in..) Whew! Better late than never, right? Great TT :)

  8. Chey, Teena, & Skittles: Thanks for your comments! I must say, the kids & I had some nice moments during Thanksgiving. Daphne was especially attention-giving, which was sweet.
    Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day ~ ♥
    Not The Mama

  9. Great Thirteen, Daphne ... I am blessed with many similar things. We cats are terribly fortunate, aren't we?
    DaisyMae Maus


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