Chloe Bubble Crazy

For those of you who know my Chloe, she is a very quiet, sweet little lady.
Even when she plays, she is quiet.
Until last night.
Last night, Lee gave me a tiny little bottle of bubbles -- party favor size.
Spooker has always been afraid of bubbles, so it never even dawned on me to try them with Daphne & Chloe.
Chloe went nuts for the bubbles!
Normally quiet and reserved, she lit up like a firecracker and produced the most un-Chloe-like mmrrrroooooowws.
I mean, she was practically singing feline opera!
She would watch the bubbles, then leap up and sing and catch the bubble between her front paws -- then look around, bewildered at WHERE DID THE BUBBLE GO?
She really was funny and had a great time!
Daphne just sat there and watched her sister go nuts for the bubbles.
I tried blowing one towards Spooker, but she ran and hid from the bubble.
Of course, it wasn't until after that Chloe was bubbled-out that I thought "I should've grabbed the camera!" Next time, I promise!
Have a bubbly good day ~ Not The Mama (and Chloe, too!)

Mo and The Purries


  1. Bubbles are great! I had catnip bubbles once and they were just the best!


  2. chase: I saw them in a pet store (the catnip bubbles) before Daphne & Chloe came into my life.
    Now I'll have to try and find them again! Thanks for the tip!
    ~ Not The Mama

  3. Hahaha! Too bad you don't have a camcorder, but photos would do nicely!

  4. Grr goes nuts for the bubbles too. Cocoa and I like them, but Grr pounces around violently clapping her paws together and trying to kill them.

  5. The Woman says I am not a bubble cat. I can't imagine why. She had a bottle of catnip bubbles but none of her cats at the time (she did not have me) went crazy for them. She ought to try Gemini...

  6. Ah, the good ol days. At the small house we lived in when I was a kitten, the furnace blew so hard thru the living room vent, it could blow bubbles. So I had lotsa bubbles an chased them all ofur. I guess wif the bigger house, there's more room to run an I lost my taste for bubbles.

    The Stoopid Cowcat is sorta ascared of them, even the catnip scented ones (try PetSmart).

  7. What a neat idea... I've never tried bubbles with my cats!


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