Christmas Comes Early

So, there I am at the grocery store, picking up more cans of Stinky Goodness for my little dictator Jazper, and what should my wandering eyes alight upon than a new Toy!
This one is elasticized, with a bunch of fev-vers velcroed to the end -- interchangeable with a catnip filled fishie!
Until I can get to PetSmart or another store with more selection, I hope this will help keep him entertained. Right now, he has 4 'nip pom poms, a fev-ver butt rattle mousie, an ostrich feather on a cord (yes, this is home-made -- an ostrich feather from the feather duster, tied to a piece of twine cording, but he likes to chase it), a Happy Meal Cinderella Mousie Toy (that had been in the catnip container so long at home -- it used to be Spooker's, years ago, before she got bored with it -- that he really likes the imbedded 'nip smell!) and now the new elasticized toy that I can hang from the front of the register counter when I go home at night.
From the state of his toys this morning, he clearly played well with them last night, so I think he's keeping himself entertained, in between sleeping.

At home, when I was digging out the Happy Meal Mousie for Jazper, I also found a squeaky mouse -- again, a reject of Spooker's. This one was on an elastic string that was shot, so I replaced the string with a sturdy cord, and tied it to a door knob. This little mousie squeeks when it is touched, and Chloe thinks this is the BEST THING EVER. Daphne is un-impressed, but she'll sit and watch Chloe go ga-ga over the squeeker. I'm just glad to get some new use out of forgotten toys!

Have a purry nice weekend!
~ Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. LOL. How cute-- he looks so alert and excited about his toys. :)
    Honeynut's favorite toy is the flashlight-- she loves chasing the beam when I shine it across the floor.

  2. ya know, we never got one of the laser toys because Spooker showed no interest in a flashlight.
    At Halloween, when I was taking pics of our decorations and using a flashlight for extra "special effects" -- Daphne & Chloe showed no interest in flashlight.
    Go figure!
    ho ho ho

  3. That's a lot of toys. It sure sounds like he should have enough to keep him entertained. Another one thing that we like is the plastic from the top of the milk carton.

  4. It's MINE!!! MINE! MINE I SAY!!!!

    I grab those toys and take them and woe to all who would try and tear them from my mouth... they will only be pried from my cold dead fangs if you want them!


    Oh excuse me.. I go a little nuts about feather toys..

  5. FEV-VER TOYS!!!!!!!!! they are MINE all MINE. OH OH OH that partikular toy is one of my favorites!!! I have about eleventy eight of them hidden all ofurr the house. - Sammy

  6. I like them better Sammy! I have eaten all of mine and so there are no more around the house!

  7. I'd just like to say they look like fun toys, but I never get to play with them...

  8. that's a way cool fev-ver toy. the Lady got us sum balls wif fev-vers like that velcro'd to 'em, but now we want that one too.

  9. OMG-- I bought those SAME TOYS!!!

    I was going to send them to Merlin's secret paw kitty...


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