It's Here! It's Here!

Hi E-furry-body!
RK Jazper here, reporting to you that I am the mostest luvved kitty in the whole world!
My bean, Not The Mama, ordered me a care package from Dr. Fosters & Smith -- and my buddy the FedEx guy brought it into me today!!!!
Inside, there was Mouse Madness! That's a catnip-infused cardboard scratch pad!
Whoooo-hooo, I got some good rubs & claw action on that sucker right away!!!

Then, while Not The Mama fussed over my new collar -- he's real proud, 'cuz he gots my name engraved on a brass plate for my new collar -

I guess it's official now, I have a furr-ever Home!

Also in the box was a jar of 'nip! And guess what!?! This jar came with 4 fun 'nip toys inside! Not The Mama gave me one to see if I'd like it....
Like it? Whoooo-hoooo! I LUV it!!!!
He put my fev-ver butt rattle mousie inside the jar while I played with a pom pom, so that tonight, fev-ver butt rattle mousie will be all nippified for me!
I am the luckiest kitty in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you tell I've had some 'nip????

Okay, I gotsta go take a nap now...
I's wored out...
Thanks for all your well-wishes and purr-rayers for me this week!
I really 'preciate it!
~ Jazper

Mo and The Purries


  1. Yu do luk a little nipped...

  2. WOO HOO! There is nothing in this world like nip toys!

  3. Hahaha! GREAT action shots!

    "A high kitty is a happy kitty"

  4. Jazper, we are so glad that you found your forever home. We love these pictures of you all nipped out. He, he.

  5. cute, cute, cute! those scratchy things are the best! whoever thought of putting pieces of cardboard in a box and selling them is a genius - a rich genius. we're gonna copy and e-mail your pictures to Danielle because we know she'd love to see these and she can't view the pictures on her work computer - just the words. how frustrating is that!

  6. Jazper, you look like you're furry happy! Congratulations on your new forever home!


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