Jazper Quickie

Hello all!
Just a quick post tonight -- Jazper and Bessie helped me put together a new store fixture today.
And put up thirty-three new windchimes! Whooo-weeeee!
I took this pic of the Jaz-man on one of the packing boxes. You can see his new collar & brass name plate. These brass name plates were cheaper than the hangy ones from Drs Fosters & Smith!
I think he looks very destinguished & classy with it! Don't you?
~ Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. He does look very handsome!!! Meowm says she would like to hear all those wind chimes!!

  2. Wow wee! We're gonna ask Mommakitty for brass name plates (we hate the dangly thingys)!

  3. wow! he's really gorgeous! we like his collar too.

  4. We really like the brass name plate collar. That is furry stylish and makes Jazper distinguished looking.

  5. Oh Jazper looks GREAT. He already looks as if he owns the place. He is such a handsome cat. It's hard to believe he was a poor homeless kitty. Lucky Guy.

  6. o, Jasper looks so hansum in hims collar, very cool.

  7. Thanks for the comments, everybody!

    Not The Mama and Jazper

  8. That is a furry handsome picture of Jazper. He does look like he owns the shop.

  9. I hope those windchimes are out of reach. I shudder to think what kind of a mess a determined kitty could make out of them in. (there is also the chance of getting hung up in one)

    Just a thought.

    Beyond that, Jazper seems to have things pretty much under control.


  10. This is my favorite picture of him so far!

  11. VERY distinguished and classy! Two paws up~


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