A New Home For Mommy Mari

Hello all ~ just a quick note: my friend Kathleen just called. Daphne & Chloe's Mommy Mari has finally found a new home! She will be a kitty at a group home for the elderly, and she will be able to go outside & inside -- and outside there is a heated barn where she can play and have some "private time", and there are woods behind the barn to explore. Inside, there is a group of elderly ladies and their care-givers who live in this Victorian home, who will give her the best of care.
For the past year, Mommy Mari has been inside Kathleen's home, and she really prefers to be able to go in & out, but Kathleen lives on a busy street so kept her inside. Kathleen was sad, too, for even though she never really bonded with Mari, it was Mari who gifted us with six charming, vivacious kitties! And through a pet psychic, Mari told Kathleen that she didn't want to have anymore kittens, so Kathleen provided Mari's ladygardenectomy.
While we're happy for Mommy Mari, we're kinda sad, too. We wish Mari all the best in her new home, and we hope she knows how much we love her for bringing Daphne & Chloe into the world and into our hearts. Take care, sweet Mommy.

Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. that's furry good news. an plus, it's a great place fur a loving kitty ta make those people happy.

  2. It sounds like Mommy Mari will have a really super home with lots of love!

  3. I know you will miss her, but I'm glad she is getting such a nice home!

  4. That sounds like a perfect home for a mommy kitty! She'll be petted and spoiled, and be able to live in Victorian style, and be able to explore the jungle, all the time, any time she wants!

  5. It sounds like a lovely home!

  6. My gooness, Daphne looks just like her mom! How nice that Mari's found a forever home with lots of ladies who will love her.

  7. It sounds like Mommy Mari has found a good home! And she will also help out those elderly beans!

  8. Hi e-furry one!
    Yes, we're happy for Mommy Mari!
    And yep, Daphne looks so much like her Mommy that sometimes we call her Mini-Mari!



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