Look What Santa Brought!

The new Drs Foster & Smith kitty toys stocking was a hit on Christmas morning.
Above, Daphne & Chloe quickly pick out their #1 favorite:
a tartan plaid catnip mouse.

Spooker joined in for a rare 3-way photo opportunity,
before retreating to safer ground.
Yes, she's in mid-hiss here.
You can tell that Chloe & Daphne are really threatened, can't you?

Watching the flurry of furry festivities from above.

The second favorite new toy was a fuzzy snowman who had a jingle bell on his hat.
While Daphne proceeded to run off with the plaid nip mouse,
Chloe entertained herself with Mr. Snowman....

Until, of course, Daphne swooped in and batted Mr. Snowman under the secretary.
Good-bye, Mr. Snowman.
And a good thing there was still another half-dozen toys in the stocking
yet to be hidden under furniture forever by Daphne played with!
All in all, a purry good Christmas for the kiddos!

Mo and The Purries


  1. Wow - Santa was good to you guys! Pumpy and I only got chicken for Christmas.

  2. oh good toys!! not the mama says santa likes y'all. and where is little jazper in all this? at work? sigh.... so much work, so little time. a kittie's life.

    auntie bee

  3. looks like you all had a lovely Christmas! we'd like ta get our claws in that little mousie too...

  4. I am glad you had FUN!

  5. Wow, those kitties aren't too spoiled, now are they? Of course, that's what they are there for -- to spoil rotten.

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas, looks like they did!

  6. Aw, these are adorable pictures!

  7. I'm surprised Jazper didn't jump into the middle of that.


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