One Week Of Purrs ~ From Jazper

One week ago today, I joined Not The Mama here @ The Wren's Nest.
Can I just tell you how happy and grateful I am for his love?
Today, Aunt Bessie called and said she was sick, so they didn't go out for their Monday Morning coffee & donut. Which means I got held lots more!
I've come to realize I can't be held EVERY single minute that Not The Mama spends with me, so he put my purr-pad under the desk, so I can nap right near him. I think it's a good compromise. Every morning, he comes in and turns on the light and says, "Hi, honey, I'm home!" I go and grace him with my purring presence -- and not just 'cuz he gives me stinky goodness in the morning!
And, I think I look REALLY good in my new collar (black) with my Brass name plate.
Very stylin', I must say!

I also want to thank Daphne & Chloe and Spooker for not only sharing their blog with me, but also their bean with me. After only one week, I can honestly say that I can't imagine myself anywhere else.
Okay, I have a tummy full of stinky goodness, I've had my morning petting & hugging & cuddling session -- I think it's time for a nap!

Mo and The Purries


  1. Happy 1 Week Since Gotcha Day Anniversary! we really, really, really wanna see yur new collar an how hansum you look, but the picshure won't work. is it our 'puter? we tried refreshing an clicking on the mystery red X, but no picshure. we'll be back though.

  2. Today's picture is one from last week.
    I haven't taken a new pic of the collar. He's been "needy" and whenever I get out the camera, he wants to jump into my arms (not a photo friendly opportunity!)
    Maybe we can get some shots later today!
    And the red X STOPS your loading.
    The swooshing together arrows is the refresher!
    Hope you can see pics soon ~
    Not The Mama

  3. I love "the swooshing together arrows"! I'm going to use that phrase to refer to that button from now on, if you don't mind. It describes it perfectly!
    Actually, it was your picture that was showing up as only a red x in a box. I clicked on it in hopes that enlarging it might encourage it to appear, but no go. I've found it's usually blogger's fault.

  4. We can't see the picture either but big purrs to Jazper that he is doing so well in his new home!

  5. Okay.
    I've deleted the photo on this post, and re-downloaded it.
    Now is it visible?
    ('cuz I'm paranoid now...)

  6. Happy one week anniversary Jazper! We are so glad you are ever so happy.

  7. You have a collar with a nameplate on it!! Cool, but that's only befitting your important Professional Greeter position.

    We have name tags, but each tag matches our collar color. Mine's blue, Tipper's is purple, Max's is red & Misty's is pink.


  8. WE SEE IT NOW! didja do a painting effect on the picshure? it's purrty.

  9. Jazper! Welcome to the blogosphere! I am so glad you are postin'. And believe me, I think your new fambley is just as happy to have you as you are to have them...

    Yer buddy,

  10. Hello e-furry-body!
    Not The Mama says that he'll get a picture of my brother-in-paws Jazper's collar as soon as he can.
    Thanks for welcoming him, Merlin!

    Grr, Midnight, and Cocoa: the effect on that picture is called "colored pencil" -- Not The Mama has found that this effect works really good for a-bit-blurry kitty pictures -- he saves lots of blurries to make 'em into portraits!

    Thanks for your comments!
    Meow for now,
    ~ Daphne

  11. o, Jasper, i be so happy fur you. and fer Not The Mama.

    isn't it a great feelin to go from hafing noffin ta bein a Offishul Shop Cat wif a home 'n ur own purrson?

    Purrrrssss, KC


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