Hi all -- quick question here from Not The Mama to the other Beans out there:
I need suggestions for toys for Jazper. Things that can keep him occupied in the night, while I'm away. Something I can put out at night, and take up in the morning.
Also, what's your opinion on catgrass?
Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
~ Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. Mrs. B and LT LOVES catgrass. A fev-ver butt mousie is always fun.

  2. Some little things like mousies to play with. Glitter balls, maybe a hanging toy to jump at?

  3. I of course always recommend my Fishie. But what about one of those like fevver toys on a spring that attaches to a platform of something, so it bounces around when you swat at it? I'll try to find a picture b/c it's hard to describe.

  4. You can get ping pong balls, they bounce good. and Petco has some with little rattles inside that I love. And the kitty balls with bells are good. A mousie you can stuff with nip is fun. You'll find it all over your store when you clean. A paper sack is nice, as are some boxes for exploring. Maybe a nice stuffed animal. Definitely a warm protected place to nap. A scratching pad would be good to have. Maybe you can leave one of your shirts near Jazper's bed so he will have your smell to keep him feeling safe. The Lady leaves the radio on to the classical station for us when she goes hunting during the day.

  5. When Mom got us that round toy with the ball that spins around inside, I was engrossed for quite a while with it - but I forget what it's called!

  6. We luvs our cat grass! Thanks fur visitin our bloggy. I likes all dese ideas. Momma leaves big and little boxes in the kitchen for us to explore when she goes huntin. Then we put our crinkly balls and fevver butt mousies in dem and hunt em down. Is furry fun and she just stacks the boxes in the corner when she gets home sos theys not inna way.

  7. Get a cube like Mrs. B and Bubbles have. Cecilia sent KC & Missy one and it is great.

    KC gets in it and rolls it around the house, she loves it more than anything else we have bought for her.

    I can get you one at our Walmart if you can't find one...let me know and we'll send it to you.

    Both Missy and KC could not/would not live without kitty grass. We get ours from Poopsie Cat, that link is for a free sample. Too bad the Wren's Nest doesn't carry stuff like that...there are other kinds of cat grass you can grow, this is organic oat. Just hard to find a supplier of bulk seeds that are organic.

  8. Boxes and a cube (which are colapsable) are definately great ideas! Luxor, great minds think alike. It's called a Turbo Scratcher. It is round w/a cardboard scratchy in the middle of a track that a ball rolls around in [deep breath in finally!]. That's a great one. Ummmmm, maybe some catnip stuffed toys, a crinkly kitty tunnel. What about his very own kitty carpeted tree climby thing. What'dya call those??? Lux? Kitty gyms? You know what I mean. Right?

  9. we love kitty grass! we got the kind Missy and KC have and we snack on it every day. we also think a carpeted kitty climbing thing would be nice. and we think you should start selling "gifts fur kitties" an then efurrything you buy Jazper would be a tax-deducktibble demo item.

  10. My kitties used to spend hours playing with those plastic rings you get from cartons of milk.

  11. I can tell you I'm the only one here who likes catgrass. But Mom isn't happy when I get the dirt all over the place.


  12. a box to get in with little ping pong balls and other fun stuff that can be batted around and played with in the box and no mess for not the mama!!!!


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