Stinky Goodness

Jazper has been eating Friskies canned food for his Stinky Goodness.
He seems to prefer the fillet cuts in gravy -- he LOVES gravy!
All the gravy gets licked off first, then he'll actually eat the food.
What kind of Stinky Goodness do you prefer?

Mo and The Purries


  1. I tend to get Newman's Own a lot and the Merrick brand is good, but I don't get that as much, but I find it wonderful. However, I've never met a can of food I didn't like...

  2. I have not ever had stinky goodness. My Mommy says that I wouldn't like it.

  3. We don't get stinky goodness either! We are sure we would LOVE it. But our Mom is just evil.

  4. I like Merrick. Its tasty and all fresh and meaty and stuff. The VET said its actually good to have some because of the moisture content.


  5. Meowm gives me Fancy Feast and I lick all the gravy off first too!

  6. We don't get stinky goodness...well unless you count pouch food as being stinky. We get Nutro & Iams pouch food, plus our dry kibbles. But I do the same thing. I lick all the gravy, then leave most of the food. Then Mom gets mad 'cause it dries out. Not my problem!! Put a plastic over it, Mom!


  7. we usta eat Friskies an sum offur stuff, but now we reject efurrything that's not Sheba. we love Sheba. there's nuffin better - 'specially the roast turkey flayvur. the only purroblem is we kin only find it at PetSmart. why izzn't the bestest food in the werld in all the stores?

  8. I get special gooshy food from the vet, 'cause I got a problem with my pee. But that's ok, I love my gooshy food.

  9. oh dear. honey in my house gravy is a beverage. you see, you drink it... through a straw. get the not your momma to show you a straw. it's a fun thing to play with.

    auntie bee


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