Not The Mama found this picture of me as a widdle kid,
and couldn't resist sharing it today!

Some quick up-dates:
  • Auntie Spooker LOVES the heated kitty cup bed that she got for Christmas! She can now sleep warmly the whole night through, without thrashing bean-legs kicking her old cold butt offa the bed!
  • Jazper has finally ventured into the display windows at The Wren's Nest. When Not The Mama and Bessie came into work today, he was sitting in the sun, waiting for them!
  • Chloe is infatuated with Catnip Bubbles. She's such a goof!
  • We heard from our friend Kathleen: Mommy Mari likes her new home, and has made special friends with an older Polish Immigrant named Magda, who keeps treats in her room for kitties!
  • We nominated our Rhode Island Rescue Guardian Angel Danielle for Skeezix'sFood Lady Of The Year contest . We know that Sophie already nominated her, but Jazper wanted to get his support behind such a special Lady!
Guess that's all for today!
Meow for now,
~ Daphne

Mo and The Purries


  1. a whole list of good news and a cute picture too! purrs!

  2. Cool baby picture. Jazper is realy feeling at home, that so great.

  3. Oh that's such a cute baby photo!

  4. Oh my gosh, what an adorable baby you were!!


  5. Oh, Daphne, you were so cute! Just to think that you grew into such a beayoootiful lady cat.


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