Thursday Thirteen (#19) WithChloe

Hi, it's Chloe! Welcome to my very own Thursday Thirteen! For our 19th TT here at Purrchance To Dream, I thought I would tell you about thirteen cats that Not The Mama tells me about when we snuggle in bed:

(1) His first cat was named Moonie. He was a long-haird black kitty with a white crescent moon on his chest. He had a short life, and passed away in upstate New York.
(2) Moonie's brother Lion moved from NY to Kentucky with them, and he was with Not The Mama's family for a several years, and he was the father of the third kitty I heard the mostest stories about -- her name was Calico (3). She was part of Not The Mama's family for the longest of all their kitties when he was growing up. She liked to eat Thanksgiving turkey, and she was a great mouser!

Not The Mama's grandparents had a big old black cat named Clyde (4) who shows up in lots of Not The Mama's baby pictures! Why Clyde crossed the rainbow bridge, a new cat that looked just like Clyde magically appeared to make his Grammy not cry so much -- this cat's name was Lil' Bit (5), because he looked just a Lil' Bit like Clyde did!

After Not The Mama went away to college, his mommy got a new kitten to keep her and her hound dog Sam company. This little grey kitten's name was Ella (6). So she had Sam 'n Ella.

After graduating college, Not The Mama got his first apartment all by himself. What better company than a new kitten? This little terror was a ginger tabby named Mister Mister (7).

When Lee entered Not The Mama's life, a tiny white kitten who was deaf in one ear was given to them by Not The Mama's mommy. (8) AB was this kitten's name, which stood for Ankle Biter. But AB only liked his mommy, so she never lived long with Not The Mama. Unfortunately, AB had epilepsy (the vet said that was why she was so mean) and she died from it at a young age.

(9) Spooker entered Not The Mama's life over a decade ago, and he loves her lots. Not that he doesn't love me (10) and Daphne (11) and even Jazper (12), but he says that Spooker has an extra special place in his heart and we can't begrudge him that. I'll just have to snuggle in extra close and be extra cute to try and win him over, eh?

What? You're saying we're missing someone? Oh yeah, Not The Mama says there is a Barn Cat who lives out in our barn! She is number 13! She actually lives next door to us, but they have three teenage boys, and we think she just sleeps in our barn to get some peace and quiet! She's a long-haired calico, but not half as purty as me!

There you have the thirteen cat tales, as told to me by Not The Mama.
Hope you enjoyed out Thursday Thirteen!
Meow for now!
~ Chloe

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  1. oh chloe you are just the sweetest thang..... and i think sam 'n ella are so funny! you tell funny stories honey....auntie bee xoxoxoxo

  2. Awwww! Not the Mama is so lucky to have had so many wonderful cats in his lifetime!!

  3. Awww Chloe you are beautiful!
    Thanks for posting.
    Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
    My TT is posted.
    Have a wonderful day!
    Happy TT'ing!
    (")_ (")Š

  4. Meow Chloe!

    That´s an awesome TT - so many cute cats =)

    My TT is up, too. Please stop by with Not The Mama @ Coffee2go - Thanks =)

  5. That is a great list. I like to hear about other cats.

  6. That is a great idea for a 13! I love hearing about the ones that came before.


  7. Great list! I'm a cat person myself =)

  8. Thanks for the comments, everyone!

    meow for now
    Chloe & Daphne

  9. o, Chloe, what a grrreat idee fur a Thursday Thirteen. Now we's know all about tha cats that came before.

  10. ... and Chloe, don't fink u's could possiblee get any cuter... u's maxed out already. hee-hee.

  11. Great list Chloe. :) You are adorable. Not The Mama has had lots of wonderful cats in his life! Thank you for sharing their stories with us.

  12. Not the Mama is a good bean to have not only had so many good kitties in his life, but also to have loved and remembered them all. I agree with KC, Chloe, if you got any cuter your beans would never get anything done!!!

  13. WOW - 13 cats! That's a home full of furry love!

  14. I love the list, they are lucky cats!
    Is 'Not the mama' off that dinosaur tv programme?
    I loved your comment on mine!
    Thanks for visiting!
    Claire xx

  15. Hi claire, thanks for your visit!
    Yes, Auntie Spooker started calling him Not The Mama when the dinosaur tv show was on (she's really old and antiquey, you can tell!) and the name stuck! See, our Not The Mama kinda looks like the tv dino daddy -- big and cuddly and flannel shirty!
    Thanks for your comment!


  16. Not The Mama is a very happy man to have spent time with such wonderful cats!
    My TT lists 13 of my favourite goddess & fantasy artists.

  17. What a great list. I'm going to have to ask my mama and dad about the kitties that came before us! I do look a lot like spooker...maybe we're long lost cousins!


  18. Grate list! It was vary intristing lerning abowt all the diffrint cats yer famly has known!

  19. Cute! I was thinking about doing a TT about our former animal buddies.

    I especially love Sam n Ella
    Thanks for stopping by!

  20. the more cats in a family, the better. we have a kitty like your barn kitty - she belongs to the neighbor, but she sleeps in a bed outside our front door and the Lady feeds her. a few days ago she started bringing her brother around too. their family has a horrible little terror of a 5 year old boy and a big barky woofie, plus the parents both ride Harleys. it's way too noisy fur kitties over there.

  21. Hello Chloe - Happy TT

  22. Señor Gato5:27 PM

    Hello! Nice TT Chloe! As you, always beauty!! ;)

    Señor Gato!

  23. Not the Mama is very lucky indeed to have so many great kitties in her life! Thanks for visiting my blog, and I'll add you to my list too!

  24. Thanks for your note on my blog...and ...yes...cats will always be welcome at my (future) bed and breakfast!


  25. Thanks for your visits & comments everyone!
    (is it wrong for me to be so tickled when someone assumes that Not The Mama is of the female persuasion? perhaps I need to display the Gay Men Rule icon here, too!)

    oh well,
    going home to my hubby and the furry gang,
    have a great evening!
    (aka Not The Mama)

  26. Nice list. Purrfect!! Happy T13

  27. I enjoyed your Thursday 13 cat tales!!
    I was raised around yard two younger sisters doted on not so much...nearly every one of their cats was named Friskie...come to think of it they probably had at least 13 named Friskie...I hated cats...I never thought I would like one until my son moved in with us after a breakup and went and got a kitten to "help his nerves"...I love that kitten!!!

  28. Hi guys!
    Nice to meet you and the previous Not the Mama poodies.
    We ad u to owr roll too, ok?
    We luf to make nu furriends!!
    Stop over often!
    Luf, Us

  29. very cute! we too have been cat people a LONG time!!!

  30. I really enjoyed reading this list!

  31. I am glad i picked up on 'not the mama now'lol!

  32. Not the Mama has had as many kitties in his life as my mom has had in hers ... Perhaps it's because they're the same age?


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