Chloe Collage

Today's photo collage by Janna is of my sweet petite Chloe.
My little calico rose.
Aka Chloe Baloney, when she's acting goofy.

Here's a Chloe story for you...
Chloe loves to chew things. Especially the corners of cardboard boxes. And plastic things. When we brought home a plastic-wrapped 3-pack of tissue boxes, Chloe thought she'd gone to chew toy heaven. I had to lock them up.
A Christmas present had come wrapped in good bubble wrap (you know, the kind with big fat bubbles the size of quarters, not that schinzy tiny wrap crap where the bubbles just snap when you pop 'em -- this was the big fat POP kind of bubble wrap)... Well, it was sitting on my desk in my study at home, with the bubble side down, and sometimes when I was on the computer, Chloe would sit upon it under the lamp. I have no idea if this was a fraction of a degree warmer, or if she is just weird, but she liked this perch. One evening, she must've been bored with just sitting there, for she started to chew on the plastic. Sitting on it is one thing, but chewing on it -- well, I moved it to the cart in the kitchen where we put stuff to go to the basement (we store packing supplies in the basement).
Even though I thought I put it there when she wasn't looking, and I don't think she'd ever jumped up on the cart -- it's on wheels, and wouldn't be too stable of a place to jump upon.
So, I went to bed.
After reading for a couple of hours, with Chloe snuggling with me, I turned out the light to go to sleep. Usually this is Chloe's prowling time, before she settles in for the night. I'm half-way asleep when I hear "whoooosh" "whoooosh" "whooooooosh" out in the hallway outside my bedroom. I sit up and see a sight that makes me wish I had a video camera -- Chloe and the bubblewrap went whoooshing past mt bedroom door. She'd gotten the bubblewrap, and had it smooth side down on the carpet. She knelt with her front legs on the plastic, and was propelling herself around with her back legs. Whoooosh!
I laughed, and thought that since she was sledding with it instead of chewing it, I'd just leave her alone.
I was woken up a while later -- phfffftpop! phfffftpop!
I couldn't figure out what the noise was, or where it was coming from. phffftpop!
Well, it turns out the little skating scamp had whoooshed her bubblewrap sled into the corner under my bed and was proceeding to chew-pop the big bubbles.
Of course, this was taking place right under my head as I tried to sleep!
Slumbering lumbering, I hauled my sorry butt outta bed -- it was two AM! And tried to retrieve the bubble wrap. Of course, she was wedged in the far corner, a good three feet from my farthest grip, even lying on my stomach with my arm outstretched.
I had to go into the craft room closet, and utilize Death's Sickle from our Halloween decorations to retrieve it from Chloe's crunch corner. As I staggered back to the craft room, I just imagined Lee coming out of his room -- the middle of the night, and I'm in the hallway with a faux-blood encrusted Sickle Of Death in one hand and bubblewrap in the other --- what would any sane person think???
Fortunately, Lee snored through the whole escapade.
Now, I make quite sure that all bubblewrap is secured in a non-Chloe accessible place.

Click here to pop some bubblewrap on your computer!
Thanks to Bee for the link!

Want Janna to create a collage for you? Click here!

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  1. how funny was that?? you know if you click fresh sheet on the bubble wrap link a sexy voice says "i must have more"? haha that's chloe saying that!

    smiles, auntie bee

  2. Señor Gato11:46 AM


    I never thought that the beautiful could be condensed in an angelical face like yours, my lady!!

    Señor Gato

  3. That story is too funny! I wish I could have seen Chloe on her bubblewrap sled! I love her calico coloring, too.

    ps: You never know when Death's Sickle will come in handy....

  4. Yay, Chloe!

    That story is hilarious-- I SO wish Lee had gotten up to see you wandering around with the sickle of death.
    That would have been priceless.

    Sickle of death: $5.99

    Bubble wrap: free with purchase

    Scaring your significant other with the sickle of death right outside his bedroom door in the middle of the night: PRICELESS.

  5. I gave the bubblewrap link on my blog on the Feb 1 Thursday 13 ~ awwww, maaaan, didn't you see it, then? You coulda been having DAYS of poppin' fun!
    Chloe is a hoot~

  6. Lovely collages, but PLEASE, PLEASE don't let the cats play with plastic. We had a cat that chewed some plastic bags and had to have 2 surgeries for intestinal blockages (to the tune of $4000). I learned to be ultra careful of keeping plastic away from cats.

    Crews' Mom


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