Formerly Feral - Always Debonair

RK Jazper has entered the competition in The Zeus Excuse contest for Mr. Litterbox 2007.
Jaz entered the Talent portion of the contest, because while he thinks that some cats, like Skeezix and Daisy (and even Pixie!), can look wonderful while wearing clothes - Jazper prefers to run free, un-encumbered by the constraints of clothing. Call him a nature child, if you will...
Here was our attempt at "jazzing up" the Jaz-man:

Jazper said, "NO NO NO!"

So his Talent Entry stands as his official entry for the contest.

Jazper would like to give a big SHOUT OUT to his all his admirers, but 'specially to Auntie Bee, and the three luverly furrilicious babes from Forty Paws: Jenny, Gatsbi, and Sally. "Mrrroooww!"

All entries for the contest are due this Sunday, and voting will begin on Monday the 26th. We'll keep you up-dated, so you can be sure to know how to vote for our very Talented Handsome Formerly Feral Big Man Cat RK Jazper!

Mo and The Purries


  1. Oh! We'll vote fur owr hansum, talented Man Cat Jazper!!! Yes Yes Yes!!!

    Luf, Jenny, Gatsbi, and Sally

  2. Jazper, I never knew you had so many different talents! Your Where's Waldo impression is very good - you are an expert at camouflage!

  3. Scha-weeet.
    You go wit yer furry naked butt, Jazman!

  4. Señor Gato10:36 PM

    Hey Jazper!!

    You rock!!!!

    Señor Gato


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