TT#21 Daphne X Merlin

Thirteen Things I love about my Merlin,
by Daphne.

1. He's so photogenic.

2. He's such a fine Big Man Cat. Mrrroow!

3. His purple collar turns me on.

4. SoftPaws make great back-scratchers.

5. He knows the value of a good kitty cup bed!

6. His beautiful gold eyes and his cute pink nose!

7. He's Tabby-riffic!

8. What a tummy!

9. He loves to play with 'nip toys just like me!

10. He has his own blog - Merlin's Meows, that he now shares with his little brudder, Dobby.

11. He gets along so well with Dobby, even sharing his food bowl with him and curling up with him for naps -- it just touches my heart.

12. His mom is friends with my Not The Mama - this is great, like one big family!

13. He loves me! So what more is there to say? I love him!
And I'm so glad he's my Valentine!

~ Meow for now, Daphne

Mo and The Purries


  1. I like cats too, for reasons close to yours, but cannot enjoye them anymore, they make me sneeze!!

  2. What a little sweetie! And yes, those soft paws are great little massagers. I've got a kitty that likes to knead my head...ahhhhh.

    My 13 are up.

  3. Very cute TT.
    Have a terrific Thursday!

  4. Oh Daphne, that is so romantic!

  5. oh you are just the cutest little thing honey...... nuzzles.

    auntie bee

  6. Señor gato9:53 AM

    To Chloe ( from my deep of my self)

    Not once have I blinked and not seen your smile,
    Not once has my heart beated with no power of my love for you,
    Not once has my head stopped pounding with memories of you and I,
    Not once have these tears stopped running down my cheeks,
    Not once since we parted have I meant my smiles,
    Not once have my lips stopped longing for your kiss,
    Not once have my hands stopped shivering, wanting to be warmed by yours
    Not once have I looked at the sky and not thought of your eye- bright as the moon,
    Not once have I looked at your picture and not wish you was here,
    Not once has your voice left my dreams,

    Señor Gato

  7. Dat's a grate list!!! Way to go!

    Luf, Us

  8. Looks like he has 'stolen' your heart!

    Check out my TT.

  9. Daphne,
    Merlin is too overcome with emotion to leave a comment, but he wanted me to let you know that he LOVES the TT, and he LOVES you, too!

    Merlin's Mom

  10. Jazper,
    We kaint wait fur the party!!! We gits to meet you in purrrsen!!!

    Luf, Gatsbi, Jenny, and Sally

    Pee Ess. Maw here: We have 2 rollerball thingies. Gatsbi ignores them. She mostly likes strings and fishing poles. Loses interest very quickly. She has trouble staying focused (neurological?)

  11. ooooh - not only did we get to read your sweet list, but we got that wonderful Senor Gato comment too. we always let our Allergic Girl (she's 16) read Senor Gato's comments and she wishes she could find a human boy who's that romantic. purrrrrs!

  12. Daphne ...
    Please let Spooker know that Sparky Fuzzypants got all silly and blushy when he saw her photo and would LOVE to be her valentine.

  13. awwwwwwwww kitty love!

  14. What a LOVE-ly TT, Daphne! No need to be jealous, but I fell head over feet in love with his nose, too. You´re right, he´s so photogenic =)


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