Thanks to everyone who left a comment about my QUESTION!
Last night, she ate her whole bowl of stinky goodness with the ampicillin mixed in, and this morning, she ate the whole bowl (stinky goodness + a crushed up kitty vitamin + ampicillin) and then had a really good poo. She's sleeping now.
Thanks again to everyone who left me a comment!
Not The Mama

Okay, Inkie absolutely REFUSES to take the ampicillin orally via the eyedropper.
I can't say that I blame her -- it is nasty smelling stuff.
Bubble Gum??? For cats???
So, tonight, after a brief struggle and her releasing her bowels all over me...
I mixed in her dosage into her evening meal of wet food.
She ate it all.
Does anyone see a problem with me administering her medicine this way?
Let me know.
I'm new at the fighting the exploding kitten to help it adventures.
Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. Okay, I'm sorry, but I laughed out loud at this. It is not funny to you and I'm truly sorry I laughed.

    What kind of fiend would market bubble gum flavored cat meds?

    Sounds like that kitten got revenge :: snickering ::

  2. They give pets the exactly same bubble gum flavored amoxicillin they give human children. Obviously the children like it a lot better than kitties! MedLinePlus says that amoxicillin can be taken with or without food, so I wouldn't think having her munch it up with her food would be a problem.

  3. Grrrrrrr... wrong drug, same drug class. Sorry! Still the same reason for the bubble gum flavor tho. LOL Here's what MedLinePlus says about ampicillin:
    "Food in the stomach reduces how much and how quickly ampicillin is absorbed. Administration should be either 1 hour prior to or 2 hours following a meal for maximal absorption. However, for persons who experience nausea or stomach distress after taking ampicillin, it may be taken with meals." So better to get it in her than not eh?

  4. I had the same problem when I was giving Blackie her meds for her bladder infection. It was a major fight to get her to swallow the blue pills until I smashed them into powder and mixed them with her wet food. Same thing with the liquid Clavamax that they switched her to. I thought liquid would be easier since I wouldn't have to risk getting bitten to dose her but I ended up squirting it all over her face! I mixing it with her wet food and she ate it all. Good luck!
    Linda (servant to Pumpkin, Tiger, Bebe and Blackie)

  5. I see no reason her meds can't be mixed in her food, as long as she gets the full dose. Better than she gets them with food than not at all.

  6. Stella's vet put her on the Clavamox one time, but she showed us a technique that helped a lot. I'll try to explain... Hold the kitten with her back towards you. You hold the kitten's head with your thumb on one side of her mouth and your index finger on the other. When you insert the syringe, do so along the edge of her mouth (between the jaw line and her cheek). Be sure to hold her head towards the ceiling while doing so.

    Now with all that said, Stella DID NOT LIKE THIS AT ALL, but it did make sure for a successful dosage.

    Golly, I hope this helps...

  7. Mommy calls the Meezer Gang's technique the "flip-top head" after the old Reach toothbrush commercials. She lines up her thumb & index finger with our fangs. Pills are easier than pink yucky stuff - but if she's eating it in food, we'd go with that.

  8. My vet gives me pills and says to crush them into wet food. Seems to work for Derby

  9. it shouldn't be any problem to mix the medication with the food. hope that she takes it again tomorrow.

  10. In general ampicillan should be fine with food, so long as it's a small enough amount that she eats it all. That is the only way I take meds.

    The Woman gives the other cats meds with probably a variation of the flip top head that other cat owners have described, but I refuse. No one flips my head...

  11. our mom votes for pills efurry time. she's had your exact experience twice, and that was two times too many. but the meezer gang's suggestion is the best way to give the liquid.

  12. I agree that mixing with the food is fine as long as she eats it all up so she gets the regular dose. Good luck with your Inkie adventures!

  13. I giggled too. I admit it, and I'm sorry. It's just that you paint such an excellent picture with your words, and... Anyway, you're just the greatest! It should be perfectly fine to mix it with the food. I've never had a serious problem getting medicine into a kitty - I use the technique already described. Good luck!
    Karen C.

  14. I did the exact same thing with Brynden when he didn't like his medicine a few years ago. I got some canned Iams (which is a HUGE treat for him), and mixed his medicine into just a tablespoon or two of the canned food, watched while he eagerly ate the whole thing, and then he was allowed to eat the rest of his dinner. The medicine worked fine, he got better, and he never had any problem with eating the mediciney food. :)

  15. Oh yeah. I hate giving the bubblegum pink crap because they usually foam at the mouth and then shake their heads and you find dried pink splotches a week later on the ceiling, etc...

    I'm amazed she'll eat it in her food! Kudos to you for trying it and her eating it up! Go for it!

    It is funny how you wrote about it....

    Luf, Maw

  16. Bonnie an I nefur haded to take medicine, but now that I've herd all this, I'm finkin bout how to get away if I efur DO need it.
    Sorry bout commentin on ancient history, but we's WAY behind. An the bold "fighting the exploding kitten..." caught my eye fingies.


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