Tabby Tummy Tuesday

Here's a tummy-action shot of our favorite shop cat!

He's sleeping in a sunbeam right now as I type this, and Inkie is resting with a full tummy. Her eyes are a bit better this morning, but she was NOT happy to see the vial of penicillin! (why does it have to be Bubble Gum flavored???? Surely tuna juice flavored medicine would be much easier to give to kitties!!!)

Mo and The Purries


  1. I'm glad Inkie is getting better and eating lots. I don't know what's worse, the liquid medicine, or getting the pill kind jammed down the throat. It's a tie, I think (I was going to say "it's a toss up" but that reminds me of bomiting).

    Jazper, that's a great shot of your tummy! And a very advanced fev-ver catching move, too!

  2. Good tummy shot, Jazper! We sure hope poor Inkie will get better soon and have no doubt such a beautiful girl will have no trouble finding a forever home.

  3. Very nice tummy shot Jazper. :)

    Sending lots of healing purrs out to Inkie.

  4. Oh what a hansum tummy you have Jazper!


  5. Jazper - you're so adorable and playful. We love you!


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