TT#24 : Trying Not To Be Sad

Here's the 13 things Jazper did after Not The Mama
told him he didn't win Mr. Litterbox 2007:
  1. Demanded a second breakfast.
  2. Got a good back scratch.
  3. Sat next to the laptop until Not The Mama held him.
  4. Slept in Not The Mama's arms while he read Blog That Mommy!
  5. Looked at Not The Mama in puzzlement when he laughed at Neila's writing.
  6. Licked off the tears from Not The Mama's cheeks when he read a touching story online.
  7. Jumped down to lick the empty food dish and gave a squinty-eyed look when told he would have to "Wait until noon for lunch."
  8. Ran up to the front of the store when he heard the mailman.
  9. Sang by the back door, to no avail, asking to be allowed down into the basement un-escorted.
  10. Demanded a good ear scratch.
  11. Curled up at Not The Mama's feet for another nap.
  12. Started snoring.
  13. Did rabbit-kicks in his sleep as he dreamed of prepping for Mr. Litterbox 2008.

Mo and The Purries


  1. Oh Jazper, you are still a winner in my eyes! I like to give that squinty-eyed look too, but it doesn't usually work.

  2. Wonderful list..we are cat people

  3. michael12:43 PM

    What a nice list...

  4. To us you willalways be the handsome catman! Wanna meet us? Our mommy dedicated her TT to us this week, pics and all!
    Love, Freyja & Bastet

    Kitty deserved to win~

  6. Thanks for reading my touching story Jazper...My Corky says "Hi"...

  7. Oh, Jazper's still a winner. Always was.

  8. Jazper, all of you was winners!!

    you snore too? I fought I was the only one. - Miles

  9. Oh Jazper, We ist sorry you dint win. And we ist sorry abowt all the silly fuss and whatnot that occurred over this whole thing. We dint know until this am and have been checking in to all cat sites today.
    We finks itz time to say "Whatever!" and move on.

    Luf, Jenny, Gatsbi, and Sgt. Sally

  10. Mr Tucker says: MROWL ROWL YOWL MOW YOW MOW MOW.

    I believe that translates to: Better luck next time Jazper.

  11. aw honey don't worry, litterboxes are full of poop anyhow. you are mr. wonderful! how's that??

    kiss kiss. xoxoxoxo auntie bee


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