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I came into the store this morning, with Jazper sunning himself in the store's display windows. Sunning wasn't the only thing going on, because several floral bouquets were knocked over, too. Nothing broken.
I went to the tax man. Again. Fourth time is the charm, right? Well, this time the "boss" reviewed and finalized my return - and I'm glad. I'm getting a small refund from the government but at least I do not owe, so that is a big relief!
I had six online sales over the weekend (yay!) and so I got those boxed up and taken to the post office. On the way back, there was a skinny skinny black cat pawing at the doors of the businesses down town. It followed me into the store. Well, I snatched it up (it was quite docile) and took it to the basement.
I didn't want Jaz coming in contact with it.
So now it looks like I have another foster kitty...

This one's an adult, but I'm wondering if it could be Inkie's mom.
Now I need to print up "Found Cat" signs for the neighborhood. This kitty is all-black, with long hair. Looks like she could be a sibling of Grr, Midnight and Cocoa (the starved skinny sister...)
Bessie took food & water downstairs and I ran out and got a litter box - and a new food dish for Jaz. His old one was hard to clean and nasty. This one isn't pretty, but it's utilitarian and will hold twice as much food!
This afternoon, I went into the bathroom, and Jaz followed me. While I was doing my business, Jaz jumped into a plastic tub filled with dry peat moss (for potting up amaryllis bulbs) and he did his business! I was laughing too hard to say "NO!"
Needless to say, Jaz isn't too thrilled that his basement is off-limits again... but I just went down to check on the kitty -- I'm calling her BK (for Basement Kitty) -- she sure is affectionate!!! She's actually just like an adult version of Inkie in temperament!
I hope she's someone's kitty (no collar) and they claim her, because I'd hate to have another vet bill so soon. But you know I'll do what I can to help her. I certainly seem to be a magnet for lost black cats, eh?
Well, now I'm off to blanket the neighborhood with "Found: Cat" flyers!
~Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. awww - how purrty! well, BK, you sure knew the right place to go. there aren't any nicer guys around when it comes to helping kitties.

  2. Awwwww. Yup NTM, you are a magnet for lost big black kitties and lost little black kitties. We are SOOOOO glad that you took her in. We know you'll get her porked up and if she needs fixin, you'll see to it! We're very proud of you and your magnetic purrsonality!

    Luf, Us & Maw

  3. I hate people who let their pets run wild. So much can happen to them :(

  4. not the mama, you are very kind to take in bk. she knew who to follow! thanks for being such a good guy!


    ps we're having our first contest!

  5. BK you sure are gorgeous - we hope you find your home and if not maybe you have a new home now? Sending Purrs

  6. We are so happy that you found that cat. And congratulations on winning Best Animal Blog at Peanut, Peanut Butter...Jelly! We love your kitty pictures here!

    Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  7. what about bessie? (just kidding bessie!)

    smiles, auntie bee

  8. Not the Mama, you is a magnet for losted kitties 'acause they know you is nice and kind and will help them. We hopes that you finds a home for her soon!

  9. BK sure is pretty. I understand that in Ireland black cats are considered good luck. Our family loves the black cats and the black and whites. 8 of 9 cats between my kids and myself are either black or black and white. We're not particularly lucky, but we're Irish and we love our kitties!

  10. bk is a beautiful girl. cats know who will take care of them and it must be written in bold lettering all over you. perhaps the owner (if there is one) will see your posters and realize they could have lost their pretty girl forever. if she doesn't have a home, her good looks and wonderful disposition should get her one quickly. you deserve lots of purrs and headbumps for all you have done.

  11. What a beautiful girl. You do have a way of attracting strays!


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