Formerly Feral Friday The 13th: Inkie

Happy Friday The 13th

Jazper here, reporting on an Inkie update.
The Inkie picture above is from Not The Mama playing around with the photo-enhancing software again.... seriously, the boy needs a new hobby.
Anyhoo - remember how when Inkie went to the V-E-T and he said even though Inkie looked like a six to eight week old kitten, she was really six-to-eight months old and that when she was healthy, she'd probably go into heat?
Well, Bessie came in today and told us that someone started howling non-stop at 4am this morning. You can take the girl-kitty outta the alley...
So, starting today we'll be taking "Get Inkie Fixed" donations at the shop. I'm going to call Animal Aid (we have a regular donation canister for them on our register counter) and see if they have any assistance programs for formerly ferals fostered who need to get a ladygardenectomy.
This has been Jazper, reporting LIVE from The Wren's Nest in sunny (for a change!) Michigan. We now return you to your regular blog-hopping.

Mo and The Purries


  1. ...but you can't take the alley out of the girl-kitty!

    Poor baby...feeling all those urjes!

  2. Uh oh. Yup, check around with any of the rescue groups in your area, or even your city shelter. They might have vet coupons for low-cost spays.

    Luf, Us

  3. Oh, Inkie is getting all growed up. She looks like a halloween kitty in that picture! I hope you can find a low cost spay/neuter clinic in your area.

  4. Our Lady just sent The Big Bucks to the Evil Tax Man and is now allowed to spend again. Where could she send a contribution to this very necessary fund?

  5. Mom tooked me to our reglar vet to get me checked up afore meeting Bonnie, efun tho ofur vets offered a discount cuz of the shelter I camed from, an our vet gave Mom the same discount... loyalty, I gess. So, ask yur vet! Our humane society has discounts on speuters sumtimes, too. Just haf to call an ask.

    Don't let in any boy kitties!

  6. Little Inkie is growing up! I hope she gets a good v-e-t to do the ladygardenectomy...

  7. Definitely time for your spay, Inkie! Good luck!


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