In Memoriam: Bear

Bear, we hardly knew you.
But we always thought you were one cool dog, 'cuz you loved Missy and KC so much.
And they obviously loved you.
ML and you were so blessed to be in each other's lives, and our hearts go out to you.
Someday, we'll play with you over the Rainbow Bridge.
Until then, breathe easy, and know that you were universally loved.

~ Jazper, Spooker, Daphne, Chloe, and Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. That is a very sweet tribute you made. I am very sad about Bear. She was a very good Woofie. I liked when she wore her special red bow. And I liked how KC would groom her. And it was funny when she ated some Tem-tay-shuns. Oh, Bear, I wish you didn't have to go. Now my eyes are leaking again.

    Bear, I want to play with you when we meet again at the Bridge. OK?

  2. That is a lovely little tribute. How sad to say goodbye to a friend,especially a cool one.

  3. This is a very sweet tribute.
    We didnot know Bear but we think he was probably an angel looonng ago.

    <3 Caesar and Prin

  4. What a sweet and sad tribute. Bear and the kitty who came before me, Baby, are waiting for us at the bridge.


  5. You guys are so thoughtful! You are nice!


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