Photo Hunters: Rare

What's so rare about a ginger tabby, you ask? Well, it's rare that I show a picture of Daphne & Chloe's other siblings here @ Purrchance 2 Dream.
Kathleen has decided that Galahad, Daphne & Chloe's littermate, might be better off in a home where he can be the only kitty getting full attention.
So, today she's taking him to Animal Aid's Adopt-a-thon in Benton Harbor. Animal Aid is the place that I take donations for at my store, and who provided a V-E-T certificate for Inkie's ladygardenectomy.
I have mixed feelings about this - Kathleen wanting to find a new home for Galahad. I understand, since he's like Daphne in that he is very demonstrative of his love - demanding to be petted and ear-scratched yet not wanting to be cuddled or held, and he never wants to settle in like a "lap cat". Yet, I find this quality endearing in Daphne. I don't want Galadhad to be separated from his sisters, yet at the same time if Kathleen thinks that 5 kitties are too much for her, and that he might be better off in a new home, I have to support her.
Here are a couple of more pics of Sir Galahad, about the age they were when we took Daphne & Chloe home. Have a wonderful weekend!
~ Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. We love this little orange kitty! How precious!

  2. Galahad is a real cutie! It's sad that he'll be leaving his home, but if he finds a wonderful Forever Home then that will be a good thing.

  3. i'm furry sure he will find a forever home, he is adorable!!

    smiles, auntie bee

  4. I love orange kitties! And Galahad is so cute, I am sure he will find a good home soon. I wish him a very happy life, wherever he ends up.

  5. I love kittens in baskets! I'm sure he'll be happy. I actually have a cat that very much reminds me of sir gallahad (great name by the way) she never wants to be confined to a snuggly postion, she might sit on your lap for a little bit but if you ever made her feel claustrophobic she'd get off. But she is a great cat.

  6. He is such a cutie that I'm sure he will find a great forever home!

  7. she is wise to know that with five you can't give as much attention to the one who needs (demands?) it most. Heck, I have trouble giving enough attention to three for their liking.

  8. What a precious boy. Maybe he needs a forever home where he can be on his own or with just one other kitty. Then he will get all the love. Bless his little heart!

  9. Have faith that Galahad will findhis forever family. As sweet as he looks, I am sure it will not take long. With wings, he will fly.


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