Run! The Camera's Back! Run!

Sometimes my little darlin's are quite photogenic. Sometimes, however, they see the flash-box and take off.

The other night in the home office, the girls were enjoying some 'nip, but when I picked up the camera, chaos ensued. Chloe took off, trying to hide behind the lamp first...

Then Daphne realized I was after her.
Note the catnip flakes on the floor....

This picture of Spoooker's frantic departure
cracks me up....

Have a nice weekend, everyone!
And may it be a photogenic one for you!

~ Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. You guys were being silly! Not wanting to be photographed. Humans do love taking photos of us. Which is only natural, since all cats are beautiful.

  2. Hmmm...bunch of scardy cats ;)

  3. what's up with that girls? i thought you loved your picture taken... you are furry cute you know. so come on out and let not the mama take your photo, okay?

    smiles, auntie bee

  4. hehehehe...I can relate, sometimes I hate that flashy box!

    Concats on being Peace Blogger of the Day!


  5. ha ha ha that is too funny, those cats aren;t stupid! xx

  6. Look, you can only see Spooker's little running leg! That is silly. But sometimes I run too when I see the camera coming.

  7. Sometimes the camera IS scary! That flash can be bright!

  8. Oh yes - I recognize those shots. Normally mine like this are of the buns hopping away from me.

  9. We've learned to just sigh and ignore the picture box. Too much trouble to run away.

    Congrats on Peace Blogger of Day!

  10. Great partial pictures of your poodins!

    Congratulations on being Peace Blogger of the Day (yesterday)!

    Luf, Us

  11. it's definitely worth the effort, though, not the mama. i think lux has the right attitude: too much trouble to run away.


  12. come pick up your peanut award!

  13. Headwess kitties!
    Hahah....Chwoe's so funny with her head up the wampshade!


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