7 Things About Jazper

My friend Obi at Forty Paws tagged me for this meme.
Does he realize how hard it is to get ahold of the keyboard around here?
Anyway, 7 things about me ~ Jazper

1. I was rescued by a lovely lady in Rhode Island and sent to Michigan. I did NOT like the airplane trip. But once I realized I had found a HOME with Not The Mama, I settled in as boss.

2. As a shop cat, it is my duty to inspect every new thing that comes into my store. Each shipment must get the Jaz chin rub before it can be opened. Think of it as Kitty Customs.

3. Things I love as a shop cat: greeting new customers, running up & down the stairs to the basement (our stock room is in the basement), and lying in the sun in the display windows.

4. Even though I am a Big Man Cat, I love to be held and cuddle with Not The Mama. Don't tell anyone I'm really a big softie, okay?

5. I enjoy Bessie, and look forward to her visits. Although why she brings that little scruffy poodle into the store to see me is just beyond me. Not The Mama says I am a "laid back cat" to not hiss or swat at Bits, but really, bothering with that fluff-woofer is beneath me.

6. Speaking of Bessie, she's just too bony to be a good cushion for me. Not The Mama is much more cushy and snuggleable. Plus, he lets me lick his ear.

7. Things I don't like: having my claws trimmed, loud noises from outside (big noisy trucks are NOT my friends), Not The Mama being stingy with the Temptations - what's that about, anyway? Why can't I just have a big bowl of Temptations??? And, my number one pet peeve (hey, why is it called a pet peeve, why isn't it a human been peeve?) being ignored when I'm meowing --- hello, stop typing and pay attention to MEEEEEEEEOW.

Since most everyone in the Cat Blogosphere has already done this, I'm going to go curl up in a sunbeam rather than tag anyone. If you haven't done this, and you're so inclined, go right ahead and tell me 7 things about YOU!
~ Jazper

Mo and The Purries


  1. Those are some interesting things about you Jazper. You seem like the perfect shop cat! I hate loud noises too. And you make a very good point about the Temptations. Mommie can eat a WHOLE BOWL of ice cream, and she gives me 4 Temptations? I might have to file a grievance. Where's the grievance committee again?

  2. I cannot believe that anyone would ignore you, particularly if you meowed! My goodness Jazper!

  3. Jazper, you sound like a great shop cat. :) I enjoyed learning more about you! I hope that it's okay for Mancats to like cuddling, because I love to cuddle too!

  4. Wow! We didn't know you came from Rhode Island to live at The Wren's Nest! That's very impressive! Thanks for playing!

    Luf, Us

  5. We fink der is a rool sumwares dat sez dat man cats hasta be snuggly. We love lerning about our frends.

  6. And the size of the bowl should be huge, like mega size, right? We agree.

  7. well this is a furry good post jazper. you are so lucky to have not the mama too and bessie. and you can type really good too. smart and cute, that's it!

    smiles, auntie bee

  8. Bonnie sits by the cupboard where the Temptations are an says "Nnnnnooooowwwww! I can get it open myself, but somebean keeps blockin the door. I like yur kitty customs job an it's good that you leave Bits alone. I hissed at a woofie at the vet cuz he was breathin all ofur me. Ofurwise, I's a purty laid back boy, too.

  9. Not the Mama doesn't give you big bowls of Temptations efurryday? How rude! I suggest the bitey!

  10. Not only do we not like them big trucks outside, we HAT da beep-beep noice they makes when they back up!

  11. You are a very good shop cat, Jazper. I love reading about you.

    Daphne, I have tagged you for the meme. Come by my blog and read about it.

  12. jazper, you've got the best job as a kitty customs officer.

    i'm very glad the nice lady in rhode island sent you to not the mama. i think you're right where you belong!


  13. I'm so glad to find out things about other cat. You seem very interesting. So nice to meet you.
    Be blessed,
    Samantha, Tigger and Mom

  14. Things like this really make my day! I love hearing details of the Jazman's (and the other kitties. and not the mama's) life!


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