Hip-Mo-Tizing Not The Mama

I used my hip-mo-tizing golden eyes on Not The Mama...

"Must buy Temptations....
Must buy Temptations....
Must buy Temptations...."

And guess what!?! It worked!
This morning, we were SO excited!
Spooker even jumped up on the bed and touched nosies with Chloe, in between Temptations!
Chloe started putting the bitey on Not The Mama's hands again, and I purred really loud.

Ahhhh.... Temptations, all I ever wanted, Temptations all I ever needed....

Oh, and Not The Mama tried to give our leftover Organix Treats (that we won't touch) by Castor & Pollux to the chickens, but not even they would eat 'em. And chickens eat bugs!!!
Sorry, Castor & Pollux, you just can't hold a candle to kitty crack Temptations.


A note from Not The Mama: I purchased more Temptations after much dilemma, research, and internal debate. I'm keeping my mind open, and my research on-going. For now, I have decided to trust Whiskas.

Mo and The Purries


  1. Yeah!!! We just got some Temptations last night too! Meowmy says that in such small quantities we can still have them. Which is good because I might put the bitey on her if she refused.


  2. I'm glad the hyp-no-tizing trick worked! We still get Tem-tay-shuns too. But not a lot.

  3. I can't LIVE wifout Temptations. Treat time is the ONLY time I'll get anywhere near Victor willingly. We seem to be getting fewer lately, but that could be my imagination. If being nice to Victor gets me Temptations, so be it. ~Bonnie

    PS Seriously, I use them as a training aid to get Bonnie used to Victor. It's the only time she pretends to love me (Dad's her fav) :-) ~B&V's Mom

  4. Wowee. Your eyes kinda look like Annie's when she is "wild"....

    Luf, Us

  5. Oh, I must try your technique on Mom! She's so stingey with treats, I need a new tactic to get as many as I want.


  6. I'm still getting Temptations too, but Mom is really struggling with it.


  7. Mmmmmm...Temptations - we will have to work on our momma too!

  8. yep, Mommy finally crackded and we gotted tem-tay-shuns last night too. we knowed we would wear her down.

  9. I'm glad it worked! No Temptations is a horrible horrible thing! We switched our food to No-grain Orijen, but Jack will not eat anything but Dentibites! We tried different flavours of Temptations before the recall and Greenies even and he just want Dentibites.

    Now I gotta try that hip-mo-tizing golden eyes on my Food Lady-Mom to get more gooshy foods!


  10. I stare when I want treats too. But getting a few treats is very different that the larger amount of other food we get to eat.

  11. I love temptations too!! You must teach me how to hipnotize, MOL!!

  12. zow! honey chickens will eat their own poop! so that stuff must be really really bad! no wonder you wouldn't touch it! and soooo glad you got your little treats back! kiss kiss...

    smiles, auntie bee

  13. Mom is being stingy with our temptations, too...we do not understand...but we get a few every now and then!


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