The Temptations Dilemma

From Not The Mama:
After spending over an hour reading labels in PetCo the other day, I purchased some
Organic cat treats made by Castor & Pollux.
These Organix treats say "no corn, no wheat, no by-products"
To say they didn't go over well would be an understatement.
While Chloe inhaled the first one, thinking it was a Temptations, Daphne just licked
hers and sniffed it.
Spooker gave me a "Are you EFFING kidding me with this shit?"
withering look.

Chloe quickly caught on. Whereas before, she would put the bitey on my fingers
if I didn't get a Temptations out of the bag quickly enough, with these "treats"
she just sniffed. She ate two before losing interest.
This morning, not even Chloe would eat one of them.
I guess it's like trying to substitute M&M's with Organic Carob Bits.
Just not the freaking same.
What's a Temptations loving household to do?
Temptations are made by Effem in Canada for Mars, which produces Whiskas in the US.
I went to the Whiskas website first:

Posted at

Dear Cat Lovers,

At WHISKAS®, everything we do is about making cats happy. That's why we take special care to make WHISKAS® Brand Food For Cats with quality ingredients in a safe environment. WHISKAS® Food For Cats is 100% safe and not a part of the national recall.

If you're unsure about what to feed your feline friend at the moment, we'd like to invite you to try WHISKAS® products and rest easy that it's 100% safe for your cat. We'd also like to offer you a free sample of WHISKAS® PURRFECTLY™ Fish food for cats. It's made with only real, line caught fish packed in natural juices (which should make both you, and your cat, very happy). Because like you, cats play a special role in our lives.

Purr on.


The most current thing I could find from Effem was a press release

from March 31st:

FDA reassures pet owners

TORONTO, March 31 /CNW/ - Effem Inc. Canada brands, including PEDIGREE(R)
and CESAR(R) food for dogs, and WHISKAS(R), SHEBA(R) and TEMPTATIONS(R) food
for cats, are safe for pets to enjoy.
None of our brands were involved in the recall or subsequent Food and
Drug Administration (FDA) investigation. According to the FDA, pet owners
should feel confident feeding unrecalled products to their pets.
Menu Foods does not make any of Effem Inc. Canada's dry or wet pet food
brands and there is no melamine in Effem Inc. Canada's wet or dry brands.
As pet lovers, the safety and nutritional quality of our pet food is our
top priority. Effem Inc. is deeply saddened by this unfortunate situation.

For further information: CONTACT: Rena Crumplen, Effem Inc. Canada,
(416) 319-8323,

So, I am torn. Do I buy more Temptations?
Clearly the Castor & Pollux treats were a bust.
If you are a current or former fan of Temptations, I'd like to hear from you.
Are you still getting Temptations? If not, what, if any,
viable alternatives are there?
Your input is appreciated.
~ Not The Mama


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Mo and The Purries


  1. We've continued wif Temptations acause Bonnie don't like any treats we've tried an if she does like 'em, many make her barf. But when we sent prizies last week, we didn't include any Temptations (or any ofur food) just in case.
    Our favoritest specialty cat store has lotsa ofur treats (no Temptations efur cuz they's not healthy enuf fur that store) and if we wanna try sumfin new, they'll refund it if we (Bonnie) don't like it. Maybe there's a smaller store by you that'll let you try sum ofurs. Kitty Caviar (100% fish) is good, but not fur finger feedin. Good luck!

  2. Merlin & Dobby don't get treats very often. I mostly forget to give them, so they're not dependent. I did throw out some yesterday, but they were probably stale anyway.

    So pretty much I'm no help at all for you. :)

  3. Dis food thing has made mom crazee. She stopped giffing us tem-tay-shuns cuz dey gots glutens in dem. She's gonna try to find sum of da Happy Hips dat da HotMBC was talking about. She changed our food and I'm da only one who seems to like it, so she may go back to Purina One Sensitive. She hasta be careful cuz of my tummy and den dey added poisons to da foods and she just went insane wif trying to find us food dat isn't poison and won't make me sick.~Speedy

  4. Hmmm...this cat snack thing is a dilemma. Mommakitty gives us liverwurst, or tuna, or fishy flakes. We'll eat anyfing wif fishy flakes sprinkled on top!

  5. I have to say we're still getting them. We just HAVE to because Kaze is being a PITT about food these days and she still eats her Temptations. We don't get them very often, maybe 5-7 pieces 1 time a week. We eat really really good quality food so Meowmy figures its OK every now and then.


  6. Since they haven't updated their site in over a month, I'd be leery about giving Temptations. Only 2 cats of the 4 here like treats and the bag I have is from before all this food madness! I won't be buying more until I'm sure the problem is done with!


  7. oh honey i don't know, i just hope you get your temptations back soon. sigh. it's just not fair i say!

    smiles, auntie bee

  8. Well, we only started giving Temptations in January after we started blogging and found out all poodins love them. We rarely give them, and only 4 of the cats here eat them.
    (We think Effem is a funny name, especially after what Spooker said to you...)

    In other noos, Congratulations! You received 100% on the PoP Kwiz!!

    Luf, Us

  9. mama gives them to me and ben2. they're part of bed-time ritual. there've been no ill effects...and i've a notoriously touchy tummy.


  10. I have to admit that I still get Tem-tay-shuns.


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