Almost-Killer Instincts

Remember the shot of little Chloe from the other day - where as a kitten she was attacking a feather-butt-rattle mousie?

Well, last night - she caught a REAL mouse in our house!

The good part = she caught a REAL mouse (he's been & out of our kitchen drawers all winter and was a smart little expletive-deleted, because he would eat the peanut butter off the traps but never spring them!).... however, the not-so-good part = Chloe was having too much fun playing with the little furry dude to kill it. She did have a great time with it, though.

I was reading in bed, when I heard growling coming from under the bed. The cats are in & out of our room all the time, so I hadn't paid much attention when Chloe & Daphne had run into the room and dashed under the bed. But this growling was different -- it wasn't Spooker's growl, and Daphne chuc-chuck's when she growls. This was Chloe. But a REALLY big growl. It got my interest.
Just as I was leaning over the edge of the bed to investigate, out scampers a MOUSE!
Chloe was right on it's tail -- literally! -- and she caught it in a nanosecond.
I praised her, and she growled at me!

When she needed a rest, she would set the mouse down and hold it's tail down with her paw.
I debated taking the mouse from her and tossing it outside. But what kind of lesson would that be to my fearless mouser? Catching the mouse was a GOOD THING. However, I just hope that she actually killed it and didn't get bored with it before it was dead and let it escape.
My decision was to let her have it. She caught it, she was defending the heck out of it from Daphne, and she was clearly having a GREAT time with it.
As I finished Book 4 of Harry Potter and was about to turn out the light, about an hour after I'd first seen the mouse, Chloe pounced up on the bed, looked me in the eye and licked her lips.
I said, "Good night, mouse-breath" and went to sleep, with my fearless guard kitty protecting me.
Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. Yup, Zippy catches dem and plays dem to deth! Unless she'z in a hurry den she just snaps der little neks and moves on.

  2. What a good hunter she is, we must take some notes.

  3. oooh - we neffur met a real live mousie before. hey Chloe, didja dead it? didja? good job!

  4. Wow, Chloe, you are a great hunter! I have never seen a real mousie so I have no idea if I would be able to catch one.

  5. now THAT is impressive. The only thing I have ever hunted is a lamb chop from the end of the garden.


  6. Hilarious.

    Dobby is an excellent bug-catcher. I hope I don't witness it if he ever catches a mouse. But I never take away the bugs from him, b/c I'd rather him catch it then me have to worry about it. He usually eats it when he's done.

    I know, gross, but it means I don't have to clean up anything.

  7. Oh, and bwahahahhaha at Zippy.

  8. Chloe, you are a fierce hunter. That is wonderful you got that chance. I think your NTM was right to let you keep it. It's our nature as unhappy as that makes some. I'm not sure what my beans would do. Lets hope we don't find out....

  9. chloe you are the heroine of the day honey! what a good girl you are! auntie bee is furry proud of you...

    smiles, auntie bee

  10. Chloe! You are a super-huntress! I am very proud of you. I haven't seen a mouse before, so I am not sure if I could catch one.

  11. Way to go, Chloe! You're an excellent mouser!


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