Daphne & Chloe's Secret Paws Arrived!!!

Ooooh! Our Secret Paws package arrived!
Here we are sniffing the goodies!

Daphne decides to "help" Not The Mama
with the arranging for a photo op:

Here's our goodies = Turkey TEMPTATIONS,
Catnip Bubbles, Tuna Flakes, Rattle Mousies,
and Colorful Fev-vers from Quincy the Amazon Parrot!

Our Summer Secret Paws Pal was Tiger from Pumpkin's World, who lives in Honolulu!
Thanks SO much to Tiger!
And also to Quincy for giving us some fev-vers!

Daphne immediately ran off with the blue mousie pictured above, so I got to taste some of the Tuna Flakes. Spooker just sniffed at 'em, but I hoovered 'em up!!!!
Then, this morning we got to try the Turkey TEMPTATIONS! I LOOOOOVE them!
We'd only had Salmon flavor before, but gotta tell ya --- I say "YUM" for Turkey!
Not The Mama said he set aside the fev-vers for later, but we got to play with all the rattle mousies at once!!! And OH - I love the catnip bubbles!

Thanks Tiger, we you!!!
Chloe (and Daphne, too!)

Mo and The Purries


  1. Summer Secret Paws is very FUN!!! You girls got some good presents. Look at you climbing right into the box! We have a secret too. But we cannot tell you!

  2. Wow, yoo got some nice presents! Love those turkey tem-tay-shuns, well, all of them, akshooally...

  3. HEE!! Love that top picture. You weren't fast enough, Not the Mama, in getting the goodies out!

  4. Great prezzies!!! How fun!

    Thanks for asking about the flooding. That all happened north and west of here. They are saying 8" of rain in 3 hours. Wowweee kazowweee. 5 beans is still missing.

    Luf, Us

  5. I'z glad to see the man (or lady) in the bloo shorts fownd yu so yore Secret Paws arrived safely. Enjoy! We had lotz of fun picking stuff fur yu.

  6. wow they are some great things!!! presents are so much fun... i wish i knew daisy's secret though. what do you think it could be?

    smiles, auntie bee

  7. Oh how fun! I love turkey temptations they are the best! You should try dairy too.


  8. Wow, presents are such fun! You sure got some good ones there. We have yet to find a type of Temptations that we don't like!

    Purrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  9. Wowy wow! Nice score!

  10. mmmmmm...Quincy fev-vers! you gotta try those right away. they're the best smelling, best tasting fev-vers! tuna flakes? we gots fishy flakes made from Bonita (very stinky - yum), but we never seen the tuna ones. bet those are way good.

  11. How exciting, we love suprises! Those fevers look very fun!

  12. Those are furry great presents that you got! The fev-vers sound GREAT!

  13. Look like you made quite a haul!


  14. That's a great Secret Paws package! :) Look at all the wonderful stuff. Those feathers look amazing! Enjoy. :)


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