Jazper Rocks The Katz-bah!

Not The Mama was awarded the Rockin' Boy Blogger award, and he passed the torch on to me! So, now I get to name 5 Big Man Cats in the Cat Blogosphere who ROCK! Meow for now ~ Jazper

Just like when this was makin' the rounds with the Rockin' Girl Bloggers, the rules are:
Once you're tagged, you have to award this to 5 of your blogging brothers.

Here's my 5

Junior makes rocks because he's always looking out for his Meowm. At Juniorababee, he's the Big Man Cat with a heart of solid gold.

Dragonheart from Dragonheart's Domain is not only an awesome friend, but the coolest looking cat around! He's a Sphynx! And if anyone ever makes fun of the way he looks, I'll scratch your eyes out. Just so you know.

Cocoa from Grr, Midnight, and Cocoa loves TheLady. But he also has two wonderful sisters to keep him company, Midnight and Grrr. He's a floofy black kitty who was a feral kitten, and now is a blogging genius! Plus, he's my friend!

Reno from Forty Paws is a real trooper. He's not one to let a little thing like having a scarred third eyelid stop him from enjoying life and sticking his head out the cat-flap in the rain! His adventures with the other 9 kitties & Maw make me laugh, and touches my heart.

Merlin from Merlin's Meows is my step-sister Daphne's beau. But he's also a good friend of mine. He took in little Dobby and treated him like one of the family, just like that. Makes me proud to call him a friend.

Now, Big Man Cats --- you can tag whomever you want! You can award this to other Big Man Cats in the Cat Blogosphere, or you can award other animals with blogs -- or even beans!
Have fun with it!

Mo and The Purries


  1. This is so cool. What a nice thing to do. You so rock Jazper. Love your bow tie. Have a great weekend. :)

  2. purrrrrr - thank you! this is way cool!!!

  3. Thoze are grate choices!!!!! I hope to be a Big Man cat one day!!!

  4. Definitely rockin', Jazper ... Good choices!

  5. Thank you so much, Jazper! I know I'm late getting to this, but thank you so much for the honour. :) I will get to my nominees sometime this week, whenever I can get my secretary to help me out!

  6. Thanks again Jazper. :) I finally got around to passing along the award. :)

  7. Thanks Jazper! Chase just ominated me too....I had to go back and track down this whole Rockin Boy Blogger thing! I gotta go see if I can find someone who has not been nominated!


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