Princess Yum Yum

With all the recent stuff going on with
the Pet Food Recalls,

we here at Purrchance To Dream
thought we'd mull over the
Cat Food Industry....

Ever walk down the pet food aisle, and glance at the boring bags of kitty crunchies?
Nothing on the shelf says

So, we've come up with
Princess Yum Yum
Cat Food

How many cat-loving women and gay men out there would be drawn to a bright fuchsia pink (with silver mylar embossed stars on it, of course!) bag of
Princess Yum Yum
Cat Food?!?!

The kibble (shaped like X's & O's = XOXOXOXOX) inside the bag, of course, would be only the best for the cat who is the bright center of your universe --
perhaps Free Range Chickens who willingly jump up on the chopping block, crowing "I give my life for Princess Yum Yum!!!" ----

*** We don't need to put that image in the TV commercial, though.***

This would be a better image: A pretty kitty in a tiara, in front of a bedazzled bowl (lots of rhinestones!), licking her lips and singing,
"Yummy, Yummy, Yummy,
I got Love in my Tummy!"

And the voice over would say, "Fill your princess with love, get her Princess Yum Yum Premium Cat Food. And find a FREE Catnip Toy in Every Bag!!!!"

Remember when we used to get a FREE toy surprise in a box of cereal? Same idea: A FREE catnip mouse (pink, of course!) in every bag of Princess Yum Yum kibbles!

Then at the end of the commercial, the camera would do a close up on the kitty as she licks her lips and says: "YumYum."

Princess Yum Yum Treats will come in a bejewelled little canister and will be filled with heart-shaped salmon-flavored vitamin snacks. ♥ ♥ ♥

I think we need to call Whiskas and tell them to start the TV ad campaign!

Princess Yum Yum products would be proudly made in the USA with only 100% Organic whole foods grown in the USA. (We will, of course, encourage Whiskas to open a European facility for our Euro-cool-cat friends!)

Until a National Talent Search produces a Princess Yum Yum spokesmodel (her tiara and whisker-lickin' grin would be on every Princess Yum Yum product!),
Chloe has agreed to be the reigning
Princess Yum Yum

Mo and The Purries


  1. We are sold, sign us up for fifty thousand bags! Pink is momma & Fiona's favorite color so they were sold from the get go!

    Purrs & Love,

    Fiona & Ali

  2. oh my! yes yes yes!!! and our lovely chole will be the princess for the whole world! her picture will be on every bag everywhere!

    where do i write to get this done? mo mo, i SERIOUSLY believe you should try to market this yourself. you could be rich beyond words! i really really really mean it!!

    smiles, auntie bee

  3. Chloe, You look fantastic!!!!!

  4. I want some, I want some! I am placing an advance order for a squillion bags. No, make that a squillion and a half. Thank you.

  5. Marvelous, darling, just marvelous.
    You look so glamorous.

  6. Great idea. We want some. Maybe it a gazillion bags. Chole makes a pretty spokesmodel, why look for anyone else!!!
    Samantha & Tigger

  7. I'd buy a sqwillion bags! I'm not so much for treets myself, but I'd love the pink pakijing!

  8. SOLD! Fantastic idea. Chloe, you are a great spokescat.

  9. What a purrfect idea!!! Your kitties rule!

  10. Yep - yer set fer life! Skeezix will buy a squillions bags AND buy stock! He would probably advertise it fer free too!

  11. That's a wondermous idear!!!! Purrfect!!!

    Luf, Us

  12. I would certainly buy it! I can't wait!

    Stop by my bloggie! I've got a 500th post contest running!


  13. purrsonally, I'd LOVE to see the commercial include the free range chickens sacrificing themselves on the chopping block...but maybe that's just me...


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