With Love To Jean Paul

Jean Paul left this comment on the Cat Blogosphere, where a lovely tribute to Senor Gato was posted in Spanish. I thought I would share it here with you, if you hadn't seen it, and since he posted it on a public site I thought it would be okay:

Señor Gato was my best friend in my house, he always sleep on my feet when I worked with the computer. He always give me his warm and his love. Now, is very hard sitting in my chair of my desk and don’t feel him.

Thank you, Morgen, You was the first person who I told about Señor Gato this morning. I love you, very much my friend. Many thanks!

Jean Paul

Jean Paul: I love you too, my dear friend. My heart goes out to you.
With much love, Morgen (aka Not The Mama)

Mo and The Purries


  1. Dear Morgen:

    Many thanks for your support. Really, I need it. Now I'm sit in my chair without my baby. I never think it happens. Please, give my condolence to Chloe.

    I sen you a big hug, my friend.

    Jean Paul

  2. Jean Paul sounds like such a wonderful person. I am sad that he is feeling sad.

  3. What a sweet sentiment from Jean Paul.
    We are sure his heart is hurting so much.

  4. How sad for Jean Paul ... It's hard to lose a friend.


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