4 Little Kittens

These 4 kittens were born May 17 2007 and are each an individual in color and personality, although they are all sisters. One “tuxedo,” one calico, one black-and-white and one white-and-gray, these little girls are sweet, playful and looking for loving forever homes. They will be ready for adoption by mid-July but will require a refundable spay deposit as part of their adoption fee to guarantee spaying at the earliest appropriate time (approximately 3# in weight or around 4 months of age).
Mom “Tessa” is a long-haired bold calico with a very outgoing personality. She, too, is available for adoption and is listed separately. The kittens will have their first distemper vaccination by time of adoption and will also be microchipped for identification. They all have perfect “box manners” already and are going to be charming feline companions to their adoptive families.

This post is presented on behalf of the Animal Service League of Southwest Michigan.
Not The Mama helps raise money to help foster ASL animals in his store.
If you are interested in adopting Tessa or any of the 4 kittens, please e-mail us at Purr2Dream @ Gmail dot com or visit the Animal Service League website.

Mo and The Purries


  1. awwww - how nice of you to help the kittens. I love kittens. I want to lick them. Why won't anybody get me a kitten?

  2. Those babies are so cute! My favorite is the little calico.

  3. Oh, those are adorable kittens - we hope they all get great homes. That is terrific that Not The Mama helps kitties.

    Purrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  4. HI MORGEN I ARE SOPHIE!!! Can yoo pleez tell Jazper that I tagged him for a survay!!!! AND THAT I SAID HI!!!!

  5. the kittens are adorable. alas, my hubby set the limit to 2 kittys in our house. bless you for helping them.


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