Manic Monday: Independence

Today's Manic Monday word is Independence.

Me & Chloe have always had each other, and we were adopted right from our birth home to our forever home, so we've never had to be independent.
Spooker misses her Solo Queen Of The Known Universe status, because she used to independently rule the household before me & Chloe came along.
And Jazper had to be independent in Rhode Island, through no choice of his own, but now he doesn't seem to miss having traded independence for two square meals, treats, and a good cuddle every day.
But recently at home, we have been visited by a new kitty. It comes to drink out of our birdbath on the deck, and Not The Mama has been sneaking out a saucer of kibbles every night (they're gone every morning) for this kitty. It's very shy and independent, but we're not sure if it's a stray or not. It kinda looks like a floofy version of me -- a tiger tabby with a big floofy tail. Right now Not The Mama is calling it The Floofster. It won't let him get near, but it will stop about five yards away when Not The Mama talks to it.
We haven't seen the old calico kitty that lived next door in a while -- she would seek out some peace in our barn (the neighbors have 3 teenage boys and it's like grand central station over there) - but we haven't seen her since the winter. Perhaps The Floofster is their new kitty. And he comes into our yard for some private time. We still have lots of baby bunnies in the yard, so it doesn't seem to bother them. If we ever get a picture of it, we'll share it with you, but right now it runs off every time Not The Mama tries to approach. He says that The Floofster is very independent.
Maybe, but he still eats our kibbles!
Meow for now,

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Mo and The Purries


  1. I would love to see a picture of those baby bunnies!! Happy MM and happy 4th.

  2. what a sweet thing you are to share your kibbles daph. you are so nice honey, kiss kiss....

    smiles, auntie bee


  3. Now this is downright cute as heck. What a great story about your new kitty Floofster. I am sure one of these days the Floofster will be running around the house. Thanks for sharing Daphne. You are such a dear. Happy Independence Day. :)

  4. Daphne, Tell the truth, you used invisible cat language to write on the door that a soft hearted "Not The Mama" lives in your house, now didn't you?

  5. I like to hiss at all the stray kitties that hang outside MY WINDOW. I make sure they don't get near. Hehe.

  6. It's furry nice of you to share with the Floofster.

    Independence isn't all that it's cracked up to be when you're a cat. I much prefer dependin' on Mom and sharin' with the Feline Americans rather than foragin' for myself.

    Mom said that she saw a feral cat up at her school. He/she had caught a garter snake and was gonna eat it.

    Snake sounds yucky. I'd rather have Temptations an' Fancy Feast anyway.


  7. The Floofster, huh? He's pretty clever about finding a place for extra food--especially if he officially lives next door. I used to do the same thing, and Mom wondered how I was gaining weight when she so carefully measured my food. Unfortunately for me, that neighbor no longer puts out food. :(


  8. Oh, I forgot to invite you to visit my blog before I hit "publish" just now. We're holding a 200th post contest.


  9. My cats are of course dependent on me as you are too from your "slave" but they all have a very independent character ! Even now, little kitten Rosie ! The first day she meowed each time I left the room and now she runs all over the house and has already become very independent !

  10. Nice site. We just found you from Perfectly Parker...

  11. It´s so nice you share your knibbles with The Floofster! Hopefully Not The Mama can take a pic of the shy kitten!


  12. How mysterious! Has NotMomma taken a picture yet?

    I added you to my list too! *purr*

  13. It´s good to be an independent kitty, but it´s much better to have a caring Not The Mama who fills a saucer with knibbles =)

  14. Sweet story of a wonderfully independent kitty!

    Happy MM kitties. :)

  15. So sweet! I love kitties, I'v had 6 at one time. Or they have owned me, I should say.

  16. Hi Daphne. What a wonderful post. You and our sibling kitties are very good to share your kibbles with The Foofster. You are very lucky to have Not The Mama taking care of you.

  17. Woof! Hi to all you kitties. Not The Mama sounds almost as good as my Mom! I sure am glad she adopted me when I was a pup.

    See you at my place!



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