tiny tabby tuesday

How did Ubee get into the office organizer?
I was leaning back in my chair, almost nodding off, with the little rascal asleep in my arms.
Then he crawled up my shoulder (his favorite spot) but this time kept going!
He crawled right off my shoulder into the niche on top of the stack of catalogs.
Which would have been a good spot for a nap, but he started crying again.
Now he's back in the PTU, sleeping. Ah.... hear that? Silence.
I could curl up here on the floor and go to sleep. Think if any customers came in, they would wake me up? Frankly, right now, I wouldn't care.
We've actually had about an 1/8th of a teaspoon of poo, after much straining. Keep on prayin' for poo!

not the mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. Ubee's little legs must be doing good now if he is that agile. Maybe he is having trouble making poo because his tummy was empty for so long there is nothing in there. I am glad he is doing so much better now.

  2. ooh - that's a good start! he's just the most adorable little thing - like a little gremlin. he looks very Maine Coon-ish and fluffy.

  3. Ubee is so adorable. come on boy - POO!!!!

  4. Little Ubee is so cute! At least things are starting to move and I hope that there is more progress on that front!

  5. *chanting* Ubee poopin! Ubee poopin! Come on, little guy, you can do it!

  6. My Lady says that Ubee is the cutest kitty in the whole wide world. Except for me and Clyde of course.

  7. Poor little tummy is just so unused to having anything in it to push out!

    What a cutie. Reminds us of our Gemini as a tiny baby!

  8. i think he needs oil like fishy oil? cause i think it is dry and hard and that's why it won't come out... still purrayin'....

    smiles, auntie bee

  9. Yeah, lots of warm water and a little fishy oil. When the one who came before first got here she was konstipulated too and mom had to give her eyedroppers full of fishy oil and warm water or da vet sed she'd hafta gets an emina...not fun! Den after she finally pooped mom started giving her hairball stuff cuz dat's what came out-lots of wads of fur. She was long haired like little Ubee.

  10. Ubee is so cute! I hope he poos soon!

  11. Oh. Good. Lord.

    That is one of the cutest little faces I've ever seen!

    I'm going to do the poopy dance-it's, um...kind of like a rain dance, only for poopy.


  12. I swear, he gets cuter with every picture. Must be all the love he's getting. :) Don't worry if your big kitties act jealous, they'll forgive you and get over it, mine always do. You're a guardian angel for animals, Not the Momma.


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