To the V-E-T and back...

Before I tell you about the trip to the V-E-T, let me update you on the rest of Sunday with Ubee, because there is GREAT news...
After I got offline yesterday, I had chores to do (mow the lawn and use the weed-eater, etc) so I was in & out of the house, still trying to keep on my Feed-Ubee-Every-Two-Hours schedule -- oh, here's a digression: remember how I asked if there was anything else I could be feeding the little guy? Several of you suggested baby food. Well, I did go to the store. I got some Whiskas' Purrfectly Fish (tuna of course!) and some kitten vitamins and some Similac. I powdered the vitamins in the mortar & pestle, then mixed the tuna & Similac --- at first, he didn't know what to do with it, but I "spoon-fed" him and he lapped it up. Since he didn't want to even lick water, the Similac was a great temporary way to get some liquids in him. Anyhow - feeding every two hours, and him napping in between, locked up in the PTU. (That's Pet Transport Unit, or Prison Transport Unit, for those of you not versed in kitty blog lingo - a cat carrier, in other words). Since there was the whole questionable leg/back-end thing, I didn't want him trying to drag himself around with his front paws and over exert himself.
Then, last night after I had dinner, I went onto the home computer, and bundled Ubee up in a towel and held him while I played Spider Solitaire. He purred and napped. Suddenly, his head snapped up and he got all wiggly. He scrambled up to my shoulder, and I was afraid he was going to slip off the back of the chair - when I realized he was pushing with his back feet!
I set him down on the carpet briefly, and he walked on all four legs!!!
Thank you all for your good thoughts and prayers - this was nothing short of a miracle, in my opinion!
We then went back into the guest room, and he walked around the bed!!! When we got into bed I was reading, and he wanted to nap and cuddle, but when he woke up, he walked around some more. Then, then next thing I knew, he slid off onto the padded bench at the foot of the bed, then slid off onto the floor.
He walked into the bathroom where the litter pan is, and started scratching in there!
I have to tell you, my face was all wet with tears of joy.
Unlike on Saturday night, when I set my alarm clock for a feeding every two hours, last night I just set it for this morning, and figured he'd wake me up if he was hungry. He did - at midnight, and at 3:30am. Both times, even though he'd fallen asleep on the bed snuggled up with me, he woke me up by meowing up at me from the floor.
So, this morning, we bundled up and went to the walk-in-V-E-T clinic. Of course, Monday morning is their busiest time. We waited for over an hour. A lady whose collie was sniffing me and wagging its tail as it went in - she came out and was crying and told me the V-E-T had put her dog to sleep! I about grabbed Ubee and ran. But they'd already drawn blood for his FEV and leukemia tests, so I cuddled Ubee and told him "Ubee all right... Ubee all right..."
We finally got called (after I watched an hour of tragic pet-rescue stories on Animal Planet in the waiting room), and Ubee was his purry self even when the tech stuck an icy thermometer up his bum!
The V-E-T came in, and cleared out his ears -- "Worst case of ear mites I've ever seen" which is what he said about Inky last winter! But the ginormous load of crap that came out of this little feller's ears! Holy crap! Like waxy charcoal briquettes! Nasty!
The good news: negative on FEV and leukemia, and NO respiratory infection, just conjunctivitis in the eyes. Which means antibiotic eyedrops instead of the bubble-gum flavored antibiotics that Inky detested (why can't they make tuna-flavored anti-biotics for kitties?). And of course the ear-mite drops.
He's only five to six weeks old, so no wormy stuff or shots ("Come back in a couple of weeks") and since the conjunctivitis isn't airborne - like the respiratory infections tend to be - I don't have to worry about Jaz or the girls at home getting sick, so long as he's kept in his PTU when the others are around for about a week.
Such a relief.
The V-E-T said after today, no more Similac, just water the Purrfectly Fish down for extra liquids. And introduce him to kitten chow in a few days. He said once he gets kibble, he'll naturally want water. He also said that since Ubee was so dehydrated when he was rescued, not to worry about little urination right now.
The great news: most of his troubles, aside from the ear mites, are from dehydration and being under-fed. The prognosis is excellent!
Now, we're back at the shop. Jazper is sunning himself in the display window. I don't think he's too thrilled to have my attention split, but he'll get used to it. And Ubee is sleeping off the V-E-T visit (and his noon feeding!) in his PTU, snuggled up in his Disney Baby blankie.
Thanks again to everyone for their comments, prayers, and good thoughts.

Several of you wanted to know how you could help, financially --if you want to help out with the V-E-T bill (since it was an unexpected expense for us at the end of the month), the best way would be a donation to my PayPal account: -- if you prefer to send a check, you can e-mail me at that same address for my snail-mail info.

Your continued good thoughts and prayers for finding him a Forever Home will be greatly appreciated!
So, long story, I know. But happy news.
Thanks for your support - it means a LOT to all of us here @ Purrchance To Dream.

Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. Oh, I am SO SO happy to hear that Ubee is ok!!! You're an angel Mo, really.

    Wanna take a road trip to CT? Ubee would love it here. ;)

  2. I missed out on Ubee's rescue story, with all the catching up I had to do after being gone for so long, but you are an angel, NotTheMama, for rescuing Ubee, taking care of him, and all the rest. I am glad to hear that Ubee is doing well.

    You are a very special person, NotTheMama, and I thank you for all the kitties you've helped. You are a very kind, caring and compassionate individual.

  3. our Lady leaked from the eyes reading this, but she said it was cause she was so happy. you're the best of the best, Not The Mama. purrrrrrs to you and little Ubee!

    we'd love to adopt him, but we've kinda got a purroblem of our own in the Allergic Girl's room. come see...

  4. We are SO glad to read a happy kitty story today! Ubee was included in the prayers yesterday in the Chatzy Room - we're still hoping for a happy ending for Anastasia!

    Purrrrrrs, China Cat & Willow

  5. This truly is wonderful news, Not The Mama! I bet you are soooo relieved! I had a good feeling about it and knew that Ubee would be all right. After going through all this with him I don't know how you could give him to someone else, I doubt I could, haha. I'd have to keep him.

    Ubee is a very special kitten and I know that it will be easy to find him the perfect Forever Home. I know that I and many other bloggers already love him and would be very happy to give him a home, and I'm sure it will be easy to find someone like us in the area where you live. He deserves the best home ever and I know that is the kind you will find for him.

    Keep us posted. Have a wonderful day! Sending you both loads of love!

  6. Not The Mama - youz a pretty cool guy. I wantz to give you a BIG LICK on youz face. Pleaz lick this baby kitty for me. Thankz.

  7. Awww!! I'm so happy for Ubee! The world is a much better place thanks to beans like you, Not the Mama!!

  8. Oh my dog, he's just sooooo cute! Yoor a good man NotTheMama! I think all these kitties know that.

  9. Ohh, the cute kitten!

    He is so lucky to have fallen in with good humans!

    Keep us updated - if we weren't on the other side of the Atlantic my mum would be adopting him like a shot!

  10. Ahh, Mum and I just read the whole Ubee story and we both had leaky eyes. I am so glad that he found you and that you are taking such good care of him, he is adorable.

  11. I was so worried about the back end problems... I thought that maybe he'd been run over or something. Jasmine and I are both thrilled to hear he's okay.

  12. awww and i LOVE the name ubee!!!

    smiles, auntie bee

  13. I'm so happy Ubee is doing better!

  14. I am very happy to hear that Ubee is doing better. Not the Mama, you are a wonderful bean!

  15. Hooray for Ubee! I am so happy that he is doing better now, and he can walk! This was a really heart-warming story, and I love happy endings. Now little Ubee just needs to get big and strong and find a forever home.

  16. What great news. I love a happy ending and this one sure is. When Ubee is all well we need new pictures. Have a great day. :)

  17. Thank goodness! What a sweet baby he is. Is he going to be a permanent member of the Wren's Nest family?

    I'm so glad his back legs got to working!

  18. oh MrNotTheMama, you are just so wonderful!! your wonderful care and feeding and the purrs and purrayers do prove that good things happen. we is so happy that Ubee is walking around!!!

  19. You made Mommy cry. In a good way!

  20. We are so glad Ubee is okay! You are so kind not-the-mama to take care of him!!
    Your FL furiends,

  21. Furry good news fer Ubee!

  22. I'm so glad to hear the happy news about Ubee! I remember when we had to give Coconut drops for earmites - not a pleasant experience for either one of us. But if that is Ubee's most serious problem, that is AWESOME!! Kudos to you for being such a great "Not The Mama"!

  23. We checked this morning and were anxiously awaiting an update! I'm so glad to hear it was so good!

    Ubee is a one lucky cat!

  24. That's most excellent news! Mr Tucker says MROW MROW YOWL, which I think means "Hang in there Ubee!"

  25. I just popped over to see you and read this post about Ubee. I will read the rest of his story, but I want to say how glad I am that the little fellow is feeling so much better. You are a wonderful person NotTheMama.

  26. I'm going to cry~~
    I wish I'd read this before I left work, last night~ I've been worrying and praying all evening!
    What great, great news!

    Praying for Ubee to gain a forever home~

  27. Anonymous10:30 AM

    Mo, you're such a purrrfect daddy!

  28. See what a lot of TLC can do! The poor little guy would have been a goner if not for your love and care.

    Do you think Jazper would accept him as Assistant Manager of the store?


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