we has babies!

Intrepid repurrter Daphne here, with breaking news:
we has babies!
No, not chickie-fluff babies yet, but finny babies.
Our black mollies in the fishie-tank has babies!
We have counted three so far!
Not The Mama says the pictures didn't turn out, because they're so tiny.
They're born right from their momma, and can swim right away.
And eat, too! And know how to hide from other fishie's hungry mouths.
That's a lot of pretty good skills for newborn babies, huh?
I'll keep you up-dated on any chickie fluffy-babies from the shell, by the way.
Meow for now,

Mo and The Purries

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  1. Fiiiishhhy tank babies!
    Oh man!!!!!
    Can't wait for them to gwow bigger and you can show their pictors!


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