Isis and the Bun

No, this isn't a story about a "Binkies!" type of Bun, but a hamburger-type of Bun.
I had a pack of whole wheat hamburger buns on my desk when I left for home last night. (Great for making quick sandwiches here at the store). And this morning, when I came in - the chewed-through bag of buns had been dragged out into the middle of the salesfloor.
Four of the 8 buns were gnawed upon.
The culprit? Yep, our little Isis.
Why would a cat like a whole wheat bun? I have no idea. She eats plenty of cat food, and finishes off Jazper's food, and still goes after the buns.
Here's how I was able to get through my lunch without her climbing up me and trying to eat the sandwich in my hand:

Mo and The Purries


  1. Isis, you look very cute eating that hamburger bun. I wonder what you find so yummy about them?

  2. Isis, you are such a silly girl! Maybe you can enter it in lolcats; you could say:

    "I can has cheezburger bunz?"

  3. Oh, I know how good breads is! My mommie learned how much I likes 'em when she lefted a loaf of bread out on the counter once. It wuz delishus! Efur since then I always chew on the bagz, hoping that there mite be more breads in 'em!

  4. You sure it cat, not rats? Rats break into my Beans office and chew things up. I almost get full time job there!

  5. isis looks slightly nipped out, what do you know about those buns not the mama? ha ha ha

    smiles, auntie bee

  6. Haha why do yoo like dry burger bun? The only way we would eat it is if it wuz full burger or better still full of shrimp

  7. Hee! My mom had a kitty that liked bread, too. I don't think Merlin or Dobby would be too interested, but I can't be sure about that.

  8. Isis dear, if you want a taste of bun go ahead and have some! A little bit won't hurt you.


  9. well, i think ya gotta put the bitey on efurrything at leest once an if ya like it, go back fur more. i just finded owt how good spuhgetty is - wif or wifowt the sawce. mmmmm. gotta go put the bitey on sum bred now.

  10. Tee hee. That'll teach you to leave it out.

    Luf, Us

  11. She is staring so intently at the bun, maybe there's a mouse stashed inside.
    Our Daisy loved canteloupe, and our Fletcher loved corn on the cob!


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