Kitty clues

Sometimes, cats give us human beans some clues that we need to follow.

Spooker will leave me a clue (in the form of a puddle outside her litter box) if I've put too much litter in the pan.

Jazper will knock stuff off the desk when he wants to be held and I'm too busy typing on the keyboard.

Chloe will start digging at the bedclothes, when she wants me to lift up the edge of the sheet so she can explore under the covers.

And Daphne will race down the steps faster than usual (in about two bounds!) when her kibble dish is empty in the morning. If she just hustles downstairs, I know their bowl has kibble. If she bounds down maniacally, then she thinks she's going to starve to death.

What clues do the cats in your life give you?
Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. I do the same thing as Chloe.

  2. Chloe, I do the same thing with the bedclothes! Or, if my mom has the sheets and/or blankets tucked tight around her, I will dig at her hair! (She has long hair).

    I also wake my dad up in the morning with a gentle paw to the face, letting him know that it's time for my breakfast. If that doesn't work, I get right in his face and breathe on him. I am always gentle though. It is just a very light paw tap to the face to get him up.

  3. When I want to go Outside in my stroller or harness, I stand by the door and cry and cry and cry and cry and cry and cry and cry and cry and...

  4. i'll just say what you say because you have to share yours with me, okay? ha ha ha

    smiles, auntie bee

  5. amazing the way animals will communicate their wants and needs!!

  6. Sammy will trill & come running to let us know he's had a bad dream. (Poor Hubby rescued him, we think he had it rough before us & he's prone to bad dreams.)

    Fred will get on the bathroom counter & knock everything down to let me know he doesn't want me to go to Hell.

    Ricky weaves his head to clue us in that he wants to play...kinda Ray Charles-esque.

  7. This is VERY interesting! Bianca often pees outside the box, and Mosaic Lady has never been able to figure out why? UTI? Arthritis? But sometimes she does not, for several days. And then she does.
    We will start to see if it correlates with the filling or freshening of the litter levels!

    Is that because she can't reach the bottom for scratching? Do you have any clue what bothers Spooker about too much litter (BTW, we enjoyed reading her story over at House Panthers. We are just "lurking" until we know if Annie is staying!)

  8. Ah! Rory just lifts his regal head with a "you were planning on stroking and adore me weren't you" look.

    Miss Pris bites lightly when she will allow petting.

    Ki Ki Boom winds around your legs when asking for attention.

    And Mittens, snuggles into you neck when she wants under the covers.

    Great Post!!!

  9. I jump up on a high shelf and start knocking things off when I want the Lady to get up.

    when i want fishie flakes i say purrrrowwwwww an jump up on my back legs only an hedbutt the Lady's hand.

    when I want somebody to put me down or leave me alone, I mew like a baby kitten

    When we're hungry we squeek really loud.
    Rascal & Riley

    When I've had enough petting, I hiss and lash out with my claws at the unsuspecting hand.

  10. Chloe, I do the same fing wif the blankies!!

    Sammy will get really restless and walk all ofurr mommy in bed when the crunchy goodness is gone.

  11. When I want to make lap biscuits, I make a chirping noise.

    I sit outside da litter box and stare inside when I fink it's too stinky.

  12. When I want in the house I meow really loud and then when I want out I MEOW really, really LOUD! Tigger

    When I want in a room or in from out side. I knock on the door with my paws until someone lets me in. Samantha

  13. Mini isn't a cat, but she digs in her food and water dish when it's empty. If there's water and no food the digging splashes it all over the place.

    She has a let's go outside dance that's pretty cute too and involves almost impossible looking long doggy wiggles.

    She whines whenever Jasmine has food... Jasmine says this is just a coincidence and she would never sneak the dog food... :) Andy, of course, gets extra food just to feed doggies. There are some things the Mom has no authority over.

  14. Eric: If we got no food left in the middle of the night, I keep walking my 21 lbs all ofurr the Beans. That's garrunteed to wake em up. Flynn sits in the window and yowls his lungs out.
    Flynn: I like to git unner the kwilt wiv the Beans and I put my cold wet nose on them to let them know I'm gitting in. If the litterbox duzn't look clean enuff, we bofe walk in and out, in and out until some one scoops.

  15. What a great use of the word clues. :)

  16. I dig at the sheets too, 'cause I'm the only one of us 4 that likes to sleep under the covers. If I want Dad to hold me, I put my paw on his chest.


    If I want Mom to open the bathroom window, I stand on the toilet seat and meow.


  17. I'm like Chloe. Also, round 10 efurry nite, if Mom's at the puter, I jump on the back of the chair (furry headrest) to let her know it's time fur bed.

    If Bonnie's in the bafroom sink, it means a) the fountain needs more water or 2) I've dropped a toy into the fountain again. The last one was purple an made the water pink!

  18. I once had two cats, Louise and Gretchen. Louise trusted me completely and never worried that there would be any lack of food, so she would empty the food bowl in the middle of the night. Gretchen had had a really rough life before I took her in and would throw a fit when Louise finished off the food. She would bound onto the bed and jump up and down on me until I got up and put more food in the bowl. Then she would take one bite and want to curl up with me to sleep.

  19. When G.T. wants to be held, he stands on his hind legs and gently pats my leg with his front paw while I'm computing.

    When Bow wants treats, he walks around the house quietly squeaking and staring at me.

    When Dorf wants to go to bed for the evening, he starts tormenting the other cats (usually around 9:30-10:00). This gets me moving in preparation for bed and he quits tormenting the others.

    When Annie wants to be brushed, she sits on the bathroom counters while I'm brushing my teeth, or sits in front of my husband's computer monitor until we start brushing her.

    When Smokey wants attention, he just walks all over whatever is occupying our interest.

    That's enough for now.

    Luf, Maw


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