Thursday 13: Jazper's Routine

13 Things Not The Mama Says
to Me Every Day

*remember, I'm a shop kitty,
and live at The Wren's Nest,
so he leaves at night to go see his other family
(Spooker & Daphne & Chloe)
then comes back to ME in the morning!

  1. Good morning, sunshine!
  2. How ya doin' today, Bubbelah?
  3. Okay, calm down, I'm working on your breakfast.
  4. Here ya go, Bubba - don't eat too fast.
  5. Come on up, that's my big boy. Yes, honey, snugglekins.
  6. You ready for second breakfast?
  7. Did you have a nice morning nap?
  8. Okay, here's some Temptations.
  9. Wanta brusha?
  10. Yes, honey, look at all this fur! Does that feel good?
  11. Can I trim more than one claw today? No -- okay, no bitey!
  12. I hear you, I'm working on it. Here ya go, Bubbelah---din-din.
  13. Here's Mr. Carrot-from-Daisy to keep you company tonight. Bye, sweetie Jaz, I love you.

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  1. Thanks for sharing some of your day with us, Jazper. :) Those are mostly nice things Not The Momma says to you.

  2. It sounds like you two carry on quite the intelligent conversations!

    Luf, Us

  3. Jazper, I hope Not The Mama says #8 to you many, many times! And I am very glad that Mr. Carrot keeps you company. I think Mr. Carrot is a friendly sort of toy.

  4. Sounds like a lovely, early morning conversation. :)

  5. I really enjoy getting to peek in at your life through these slice-of-life entries~

  6. hi honey! you are furry lucky!!! not the mama is so sweet to you. what a guy!!!

    smiles, auntie bee

  7. My sisfurs ignore mom talking unless it's about food or rubbing or brushing. I love it when she just talks sweet to me...I'm her snuggle baby, sweetyman, hunka mancat love, and da best one...sweet baby mancat. Yup, it's grate to be talked to like yoo shood be.

  8. I wish somebody would say "You ready for second breakfast?" to me. ::sigh::

  9. Jaz, is Not the Mama losing it? Is he forgetting your name overnight? I mean, why is he calling you that "bubble" name? I'd be a little worried if my family started calling me some other name!


  10. Mr. Carrot seems like a great toy.

  11. The job of shop cat sounds pretty nice... No sharing with other kitties.

  12. Oh Jazper, whenever I find a shop with it's very own special kitty I'm so happy! I spend the whole time I'm there hugging and cuddling the kitty and totally ignore the merchandise. (Umm, Not the Momma probably didn't like that) :) My husband usually has to drag me out, making sure I'm not trying to smuggle out a kitty.
    Love to all fluffies,

  13. My local pet store where Mom gets my food has a shop kitty! She is so sweet. Sounds like Not the Mama loves you and takes good care of you. Anyone that talks to a kitty like that has a good heart!

  14. Thats sounds like alot of what our momma says to us...but we lets her cut all of our claws each week! Thats alot of kitty claws clipping going on!


  15. I like your routine Jazper! Please tell Not The Mama that I nominated your blog for an award!


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