Thursday 13: Nip Raviolis

1. Chloe & Daphne inspect the loot:

2. Chloe says, "This one is MINE!"

3. The sniff test....
Inspection passed!

4. Daphne goes for licks & kicks:

5. Spooker says, "I flip for Halloween Nip Raviolis!"

6. Hey, Daffers, where ya going?

7. "Is it just me, or is the room spinning?"

8. Where, oh where, did our little nips go?

9. Chloe says, "I feel like a Salvador Dali painting...."

10. Daphne goes for a snoopervised rabbit-kick-o-rama:

11. I'll hide mine under here for later....

12. I'm so nipped, I can't even run down the stairs....

13. Post-ravioli... the crash...
One of the few pictures EVER of Daphne, Chloe, and Spooker in the same frame.
Can you spot Spooker?

To order your own
Nip Raviolis
(trust us, we recommend them!)

got to Hot(M)BC

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  1. Wonderful photos of you all enjoying your 'nip raviolis. :) I ordered some, and can't wait for them to get here!

  2. Aww... Such cuteness! I see Spooker! Have fun kitties :)

  3. Those look like fun. I also really like the pictures of yous that you have on the side of your blog. Those are very nice, specially one of Spooker!

  4. Oh you guys looked totally nipped out!

  5. I love my ravioli, too. It was fun watching your little catnip ravioli party! I had to biggify the photo, but then I saw Spooker!

  6. hey...why don't we have any of those yet? they look like fun!

    Spooker - are you so nipped out you don't know you're right next to the noisy sucky machine? run!

  7. oo we want some too!!! we see spooker hiding back there!!!

  8. that must be purrimo nip!!! and i see spooker! what cuties...

    smiles, auntie bee

  9. I just ordered some for Merlin & Dobbs... I'm sure they will like them too!

  10. Muhahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Yours toys are soooo funny!

    So funny post! Muhahahahahahahaha!

  11. Wow! Yall are really having fun wif yore nip raviolis! That's sooper! Woo hoo!
    Sanjee and the gang

    And fanks :)

  12. Wowzers! You guys are really into it!!!Looks like fun!
    I had to biggify to see spooker,heehee.Cool black cat!

  13. Oh, I enjoyed seeing all these pictures! You sure had fun with those raviolis!

  14. Wonderful!! Love the blow-by-blow photos of their 'trip'!

  15. Look at those huge eyes!! What a great time!

    RE: your comment. Yeah, kitten food has very high protein and fat content to help them grow and give them tons of energy for kitten stuff.

    And yup, would love to see an eye for an eye justice here. Maybe it would wake up our youth? Nah. Doubtful.

    Luf, Maw

    Pee Ess. {{{{Gatsbi is blushing}}}}

  16. I can see him by the vaccuum cleaner. I bet I would be good at that Where's Waldo game, I can find things quick.

  17. Wow, what fun! I's been beggin an spinnin fur my own nip ravioli, but Mom's holdin out til "pay day" whatefur that is!

  18. Your 'nip raviolis look as much fun as the one we got with our Holiday Gizzy. Definitely some PRIMO 'nip in those, huh?


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