A Tuesday Tale

Picture above: Daphne trying to fish out a Squiggle from under the dresser. You can just see Chloe's ears at the bottom of the picture, on the other side of the catnip bed, as she prepares to pounce and snag the Squiggle once Daphne retreived it.

Last night was a chilly, rainy evening. I settled into bed early, pulling up the warm fleece blanket and arranging Spooker's colorful blankie in the lower corner of the bed for her.
Spooker jumped up, re-arranged her blankie to suit her, and settled in.
Daphne came up and settled into the cozy cup at the head of the bed.
And Chloe snuggled in next to me, staring up at me while I read for a while.
We all drifted off to sleep...
... at 1:20am a mosquito incessantly buzzed in my ear until I woke up. Spooker still slept, but I was now awake, and Daphne & Chloe decided it was Pony Express Chase time. Zoom, zoom, zoom! Up and down the stairs, over and under the furniture. I turned on the light to read some more, and Daphne chased Chloe into the bedroom. She came up from the foot of the bed, used it as a springboard, and landed with all four feet right on my groin.
The "Ooooof!" yelp I made sent Spooker flying off the bed, and more chaos ensued.
I settled in, reading until my eyes got droopy again, and turned out the light and flipped over onto my stomach. As if on cue, Chloe jumped back up, more delicate this time, and curled up between my legs. She lay her head on my right ankle, and started to purr. I went to sleep filled with love.

Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. Aww, what a sweet ending to the tale. :)

  2. didn't anybuddy eat the skeeto fur you?

    nuthin' better than goin' ta sleep wif purrin' kitties!

  3. Evening antics area the very most funnest!

  4. That's a nice story. We usually go right to sleep when the mom gets in bed - not so says the mom. Midnite usually flops over and goes to sleep but Stray Kitty will rip and race from the bedroom to the bathroom - up on the dresser - on the shelves - on the window sill. Peace is usually achieved when mom turns out the lights.

    Midnight & Stray Kitty

  5. Cats know just where to step for maximum impact.

    Mom says she sleeps better wif me than wif Dad.

  6. and you also have beautiful carpet mo man... lovely tale too.

    smiles, bee

  7. I love my squigglies. They are way fun.

  8. What a night! I leave the staff alone at night. I go to my sleeping place and fall into a coma until sunrise...
    Anastasia used to do thundering herd of elephants at 3 am sometimes.
    The staff would gladly exchange any kind of sleep against the herd - but they think she might keep doing it in their dreams anyways...
    Thinking of you!
    By the way: what does Jazper do at night????

  9. Squiggles and sleep! Yes! Loving on Mom is the best. I (Sam) sleep on her feet!
    Your FL furiends,

  10. What an interesting night! I am glad that you all finally got some sleep.

  11. Yup, sounds like a regular night in our home too!

  12. Oh, buzzing skeeters in the ear are SO annoying!!!

    Luf, Us

  13. That's so sweet!! Isis and Morrigan like to jump up on my chest and stand on my shoulder and purr as loud as they can.


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