We Remember...

Please light a candle this weekend,
to remember our lost friends.

Mo and The Purries


  1. Oh what a wonderful rainbow candle you have! thanks for lightning the candles with us.
    ...and thanks for being this wonderful and kind person you are!

    purrs Kashim & Othello

  2. okay honey, will do...

    smiles and hugs, auntie bee


  3. So sad. What a difficult week in the Cat Blogosphere.

    Our candle is lit and we are appropriately solemn.


  4. I love your rainbow bridge candle!

    Purrs and headbutts.

    Tara, Kavan and Mom

  5. Wes has been out of the loop since momma is away on one of her trips and it takes us forever to figure out how to get into the forbidden typitty room when she isn't here. We barely met Ubee and he has already gones...we is so very sorry for your loss. Its always very hard to hear abouts a kitty leaving over the rainbow bridge.

    On a different subject, Me and my siblings are having a noncontest contest...stops into our bloggie soon to find out all the info!!!


  6. Beautiful. No further comment.

    Skeeter and LC

  7. What a beautiful group of kitties...very appropriate way to say "bye," for now.

  8. I will light one!

  9. Morgan, You are such a great person!!! Animals are so blessed to have you in this world. Just thought you should know that!!!
    Us, and our Mom

  10. Thank you for the birthday wish! We just finished reading up on Ubee's story. (We hadn't discovered your blog until just this week). It is such a sad story. The poor little baby boy. It looks like you do really wonderful work for cat-kind, Not the Mama! We're gonna add you to our blogroll and can't wait to learn more about you cats
    Simone, Peach Man, and Scout (and their Mama)


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