Thursday 13: Not The Mama Gone!

Not The Mama is going on something he calls "vacation"
We call it "a week without Temptations"
Here are some things we'll probably be doing while he's gone.
Meow for now,
Daphne & Chloe

  1. Wonder why Not The Mama isn't around at night.
  2. Bothering Spooker as she tries to nap on her blankie.
  3. Chase each other around like banshees.
  4. Clomp up and down the steps like a herd of wild ponies.
  5. Get yelled at by Lee for being in the way.
  6. Stare at food dish. (Lee doesn't keep it filled to the brim like Not The Mama)
  7. Wonder if Lee is ever gonna scoop the poop...
  8. Play with our Nip Raviolis!
  9. Splash in our water bowl.
  10. Sneak up on Spooker and try to make friends. But she will just hiss at us.
  11. Hide in the closet if it thunders or a truck back-fires.
  12. Stare at the drawer that holds the Temptations.
  13. Sit in kitchen window, wondering when Not The Mama will drive up.

Mo and The Purries


  1. honey pies, not the mama will be right back, you be good kitties, okay?

    smiles, auntie bee
    kiss kiss

  2. A week without Temptations!!!!!!!
    Does that qualify as abuse? You need to train Lee to give them to you AND clean yer box ;)

  3. I command Not The Momma to come home too! A week without temptations is too much.

  4. I had no idea Not the Mama was allowed to go on vacation without you guys...

  5. Poor babies...a week without Not the Mama has got to be the equivilent of cat hell!

  6. Oh My Dawg! We don't let Maw & Paw take vacations. Nope. We'll be sending guilty thoughts to NTM so he'll hurry up and return to you.

    Luf, Us

  7. My Mommie is going away on vacation, too! It is not fair. I been thinking about hiding a stash of Temptations all around the house, just in case.

  8. Sending out magical thoughts is a good idea. It will make Not the Mama come home faster!

  9. You too!? I'll tell you waht I told sounds like a good time to train Lee to take proper care of all your needs!

  10. Daphne & Chloe, it is so nice to visit you again. You did a very good Thursday 13 today. I am sad for you that Not The Momma will be away, but it's only for 7 sleeps. Oh, no... you're kitties... so it's for 750,000 cat naps. But the time will fly by like a flock of birds and Not The Momma will be back home. When you miss him too much just go have another cat nap and the time will pass faster.

    Tell your Not The Momma to check out my T13 post, and he will find ways to help feed critters in shelters and feed poor humans too... and other stuff. He can even do it without spending a cent.

  11. Ooh, great Thursday 13 about Not The Mama!

    Skeeter and LC

  12. Oh no! I hope Not The Mama comes back quickwy!

  13. I'm glad Not the Mama is relaxing by going on vacation, but I feel for you guys. My Mum went away in May and it was very distressing. Although, my cat sitter did hand out lots of temtations! I wish you luck!

  14. Just checkin' Hope you are still surviving ;)

  15. Oh we sure your "Not The Momma" comes home soon. You are bein deprived very much.

    Not good.

    Skeeter and LC

  16. *whoof*
    I have a little something for you: The I ♥ your blog award

    Let´s have a wild party while Not The Mama is on a vacation. Sssssh... I won´t tell!



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