Tuxie Tuesday Question

My friend Mags, who recently adopted Zoe, is having problems with Zoe peeing around the house.
He's a neutered male, and not spraying.
He's peeing. Like on the couch, and on the bed.
Mags is quickly coming to her wits' end with Zoe, and to make matters worse she's now trying to sell her house and doesn't want it to smell like cat pee.
I'm at a loss on how to help her.
Any suggestions?
Not The Mama

Mo and The Purries


  1. That's a challenging problem. I can only think of a few suggestions:

    1. Make sure Zoe does not have any undiagnosed medical problems (like a urinary tract infection)
    2. Make sure the litter box is very clean and in a private location.
    3. Consider adding an additional litter box.
    4. I have heard that those pheremone diffusers (Feliway) plugged into a wall socket work sometimes. I am not sure though.

    Good luck to Mags and Zoe!

  2. The only time Merlin ever did that, I completely emptied, cleaned, and refilled the litter box (we use scoopable so it doesn't always get changed) and he was fine after that.

    If there are other cats in the house that he shares a box with, I would definitely consider adding another box.

  3. See both comments above -
    UTI's can make kitties think that it is the litter box that is causing the pain. I hope he will be OK!

  4. I had this problem with a kitty and the vet told me to change the litter brand. It worked!
    But since he's not spraying, a sign of marking territory, it sounds like something more medical or psychological. Kitty Prozac?

  5. Did this behavior happen when Zoe was first brought home, or some time afterward? Usually a shelter will give a brief physical, however a going over by a vet may be in order if changing the litter brand, location of box, etc. doesn't help.

    Did she search out information on improper elimination on any animal help websites, ie. Catster?

  6. Our Lady's ex-husband has a fixed male kitty who was doing the exact same thing. It turns out that he hated the kitty litter. It had to be clumping litter and a certain scent and had to be kept clean at all times. We sure hope it's something as simple as that, and he's not sick.


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